After hearing about the attacks in Semiki on capsuleer citadels, SERAPH launched a counterattack against a Drifter wormhole in Delve, in hope to draw Tyrrannos attention away.

Over the course of a few hours, SERAPH forces, Arrendis and myself, engaged and destroyed 112 Drifter battleships.

In the fight against Drifters, there are no sides, no issue that should divide humanity. This is a war between the living and the abominations. All who fight against this menace are my comrades.

To this end, SERAPH is undergoing a slight change in identity. It is now the Special Empyrean Response for the Assault and Penetration of Hives. While the leadership is obviously still Amarr, it’s no longer an Amarrian entity.

To the Vigilant Tyrannos. ■■■■ you. ■■■■ everything you stand for. ■■■■ everything you love.

For Saint Jamyl. For Semiki. For Humanity.


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