Silent Infinity declares witch-hunt against Drifters

(Vaari) #1

It is 20:22 of blessed 119
The reign of Catiz I

Let it be known far and wide, through stations, stars and planets. Let it be declared loudly through all Creation that on this moment, the alliance of Silent Infinity, under rule of High Lady, under guidance of Ecumenical Patriarch of Silent Infinity, that is me, declares a witch-hunt against Drifters.

Unholy abominations called Drifters are responsible of numerous crimes against humanity. Most grave is their regicide, for which cost Amarr Empire our beloved monarch, Jamyl I.

Her late Imperial Majesty’s reign was short, but productive. Her boundless mercy freed countless hundreds of thousands slaves, punished those who refused to free said slaves, brought technological advances for all of mankind. Her ambition to make Amarr Empire great again is without equal. She was taken from us by Drifters.

Unholy abomination of Drifter is hellish mixture of metal and genetically corrupted flesh. Their foul presence endangers us all, and so, by my recommendation our respected alliance has agreed to declare holy war against Drifters.

Our members, our friends and allies are on this moment advised, that Drifters are to be exterminated until no one is left. They are judged to be extinct. All our members are recommended to do their best to cause harm on Drifters, and join on every defense against them for all major empires.

Drifters are our unholy enemies, and all friends of Drifters share the guilt of existence of Drifters.

God omnipotent will guide us to victory, for witch-hunt is more than a war. It is struggle against all that is wrong. It cannot end until last of the drifters are stomped to the ground, or direct Imperial Edict is given to stop it.

Witch-hunt against Drifters has began.

Amarr victor.
Humanity Victor.

Ecumenical Patriarch of Silent Infinity
-Lord Vaari

(Chan'aar) #2


Good luck with that.

(Casserina Leshrac) #3

And what of your opinion of this?

Should you not make this part of your mandate as well?

(Arrendis) #4

You’re aware that the term ‘witch-hunt’ means an aggressive hunt for enemies that do not exist, right? That by declaring a ‘witch-hunt’, you’re saying there are no Drifters, but you’re going to accuse a lot of people of being in league with them anyway, engage in flagrant hypocrisy, and otherwise attempt to stir up mass hysteria… you get that, right?

If you want to hunt Drifters, just hook up with ARC or SERAPH. You don’t need to reinvent the freaking wheel in some vainglorious attempt to garner public support. The work is already being done. So instead of pontificating, just shut up and get to work.

(Ria Nieyli) #5

I can certainly appreciate the irony of a Minmatar telling a holder to shut up and get back to work.

(Arrendis) #7

To be fair, the Drifters are engaged in continuous combat operations in all four empires, targeting research facilities.

(Valerie Valate) #8

How goes the War of Drifter Extermination?

(Makoto Priano) #9

I hope for an update on Silent Infinity’s productive work, as well.

That said, many capsuleers who desire to hunt the Vigilant Tyrannos are unfortunately unable to act on their desire. Without employing capital ships or citadels, engaging K-space Drifters without loss is largely beyond the capability of most capsuleers. Likewise, Drifter Hive raids remain largely the specialty of organizations such as ARC and SERAPH.

Whatever the case, an update would be lovely.

(Aria Jenneth) #10

Seconding request for an update. If fits and tactics are needed, I’m pretty sure ARC or SERAPH would be willing to share at least some.

(Vaari) #11

Drifters do exist and they are against humanity. Abomination that is born of fusion of genetically corrupted flesh and metal.

Witch hunt refers our holy hate towards them and how we oppose them at any turn until they are extincted.

(Erika Wallker) #12

Can’t kill drifters when mining all day…

(Casserina Leshrac) #13

At least Drifters do not interfere with mining.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #14

I’m not sure that anyone expects to actually straight-up Genocide the Drifters, but the project of bringing our displeasure to their attention is certainly going well.

We’ve built a process to handily neutralise individual ships or small groups. They have slowly adapted, but we’ve kept ahead of them.

(Casserina Leshrac) #15

My experiences with the Drifters show that they will not attack unless directly provoked.

(Deitra Vess) #16

Tell that to your Empress.

(Arrendis) #17

And the capsuleers who’ve been attacked by the Drifters’ Lancer/Seeker drones for the unconscionable crime of having a corpse in their cargo hold.

(Vaari) #18

Our Witch-hunt is carefully thought through before it was declared. As a religious leader, idea came from me, but our alliance political leadership considered its aspects on all sides before agreeing it.

It is not war against imaginary threat, for difters are very real threat. Affont of Creation and enemies of NRDS territories.

It is clear we cannot overlook their poisonous existence any longer without any action, while the memory of our beloved Empress cries vengeance and justice.

(Arrendis) #19

So you waited two years, and only decided to announce this crusade after you were forced out of Providence and needed to secure some friends and general goodwill? Convenient.

(Vaari) #20

No. When Empyrean Council of Providence were about to form up, I took this matter to surface and demanded that first thing council must do is to declare holy war against drifters. It was of course rejected, because (lot of excuses goes here).

Now Im not bound of impotent Council so I have little more room to manouver. Our alliance leaders are much less hostile towards me than many of prominent council members.

(Arrendis) #21

Provibloc refusing to declare war on the Drifters in no way prevented you from declaring war on the Drifters. Your ships didn’t stop working at the edge of Providence. You could have gone and joined up with ARC or SERAPH, or started your own efforts without official support from the Council.

But you didn’t.