The drifters are not a threat to New Eden, but they may be a danger to ARC

Are the drifters a threat to new Eden? I would argue they aren’t but they could be a threat to ARC. Before you tune out let me explain.

Ok, the first time the drifters attacked it was to attack the amarr. It appeared random, they launch incursions and then assassinate the empress. It was curious that all the drifters did was kill the empress, they didn’t kill any other ship, they had a specific objective.

Now, let’s look at the drifters themselves. We know they are jove. We see them working with the sleeper drones so it is reasonable to assume that they are working together. It would also make sense that they are the woken up sleepers. At the very least though, they are close allies.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If I have connected the dots correctly, then the drifters were retaliating to a wrong perpetrated on either them or their allies. Now, it is known that the amarr sent large fleets into wormhole space. They had found something and it’s pretty obvious when all the evidence is considered.

Now what am I talking about? The first generation clone soldiers, also known as Templars. It is known that the Templars, an amarr project, used implants extracted from jovian bodies. What we know of the Templars is limited but it is reasonable to assume that to undertake a project that would provide the amarr empire with an immortal army, they would need a lot of implants. Now, where would they get all of these implants? Sleeper enclaves are the only place that would have that many and there is only one way to extract them, which would be to kill the sleepers.

With all of this in mind, it paints a pretty bad picture for the amarr. They committed genocide on the sleepers to create immortal soldiers. Then the drifters show up, invade the amarr empire, attack military targets and assassinate the empress, the person who ordered their brethren killed.

So why, after all of this information, why would the drifters be a threat to ARC and not New Eden? Well, if I’m correct, the drifters were simply enacting the old saying of an eye for an eye. Since the attacks on the amarr they have not attacked unless otherwise provoked. They could be a threat to ARC because since the amarr invasion ARC has done nothing but attack them. I will admit that at first it was necessary, we didn’t know if they would attack again and it was necessary to learn their battle tactics. But recently they began showing up damaged. They did not attack unless provoked. For all we know they may have been seeking sanctuary from whatever it was that attacked them, which we later learned was these triglavians. They were continuously attacked unprovoked.

Agree or disagree, that is up to you, all i ask is that its kept respectful in the comments


You do realize that a fair few who come on the operations to remove drifter hives are NOT from ARC, right?

Gods, I hate when people draw conclusions that aren’t even there to sate their own egos.


You are correct but it is ARC who leads them and organizes them.


The Drifters have in the past done much to demonstrate they are the enemy of my people. They have done nothing to demonstrate they are our allies or worthy of our pity or respect.

Because they now have more enemies in the forms of these Triglavians does not change the above.

Woodrow you seem like a smart person. If you want I would be more then willing to sit somewhere and discuss this with you.

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Your argument would hold more water if the Drifters were specifically targeting ARC. Which they are provably not.


People are asking if the drifters are a threat to the cluster. And evidence proved otherwise as well. This started out as a comment on another thread but when I realized how long it was going to be i made it it’s own topic.



Baseless accusation. Again, as far as I know there were no alive sleepers found. Genocide of dead bodies?..

Most likely. But I put blame on capsuleers, not the Empire. Way before the Empire, capsuleers started raiding sleeper space. After appearance of Drifters, again, capsuleers stole and mutilated their corpse. Only after that they decided to strike the Empire.

As for the ARC themselves, I’ll be pretty content if they with Drifters will just kill each other and remove the cluster from their presence. Both Drifters and ARC, they have no place here.

This is actually incorrect, the Empire was among the first to send a major force into Anoikis.


That I didn’t hear about and have no intention to believe in blindly unless it will be proven by reference or verified by more competent speaker.

I don’t think she’s wrong, Ms. Kim, and anyway it’s probably irrelevant. Everybody was exploring the ruins of what seemed to be a dead Ancient civilization, watched over by what were basically mindless tomb guardians that attacked on sight. And if they weren’t dead, the implications were even worse: that they had been the ones who had brought a planet-wrecking cataclysm to Seyllin.

Nobody was probably keen to come out behind in the resulting combined investigation and arms race. If the Empire sent an expeditionary force and returned with something nifty, they just succeeded at what probably everybody was trying to do.


Probably you are right, Ms. Jenneth.
I simply lack knowledge on these topics and here I will have to rely on your words.

Obviously the Drifters are a threat to ARC because they have learned first hand about Matoko Priano’s treacherous nature, and her refusal to commit sudoku after beschmirching the name of great Caldari heroes, and they have vowed to destroy such a dishonorable traitor.


By the spirits. This dicussion again? If I rolled my eyes any harder than this I would be able to read the serial number on my implants.


Hee. I’ll have to be careful not to get stuff wrong, then.

As a side note, we still don’t know what caused Seyllin, or the wormholes. It’s just been seeming less and less likely to have been the Sleepers, since we’ve been cheerfully treating their space as a sort of resource rich frontier and exploiting it heavily instead of having to scramble to deal with a civilization-crushing armada.

The idea that the Drifters are, in fact, intended to be a retaliatory civilization-crushing armada is part of what drives the urgency behind looking into their nature and intentions. Since their incursions following the Empress’s assassination, we haven’t seen them behaving very much like one, which means either we haven’t puzzled out their intentions or they do in fact plan to crush us but are going to do so using something even scarier than expected.

IE, more research needed.


While bitter Enemies Confront,
Coming from the Beast’s hidden Lair,
Apocalypse’s Horsemen bring Despair,
Unleashing Ruin unto Paradise.


Tend to the wolf within your fences. The packs ranging outside may not even exist.

The wolf inside the fence is being seen to, though. What’s outside, if it does exist, might be much worse. “Worse,” as in, “If we don’t figure this out we might have another Caroline’s Star go off at New Caldari.”

It has to be seen to, Ms. Kim. It has to.

We’ll trust our watchful shepherds to keep the flock inside safe.

We’re counting on you, Ms. Kim.


And now my watch begins…

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Well, good afternoon, pilots!

Mr. Ormand, your concern for ARC’s well-being is much appreciated. However, you do us too much credit. I very much doubt ARC is so much as a blip on the Vigilant Tyrannos sensors, much less an operational target.

After all, for all of our routine patrols of Hive systems, we’re by no means the foremost hunters of Drifters. Whether it’s major wormhole system inhabitants such as Hard Knocks or Lazerhawks, roving groups such as Vulfpeck, or the myriad smaller organizations in the same space, dozens if not hundreds of Arithmos Tyrannos battleships are destroyed on a daily basis by Capsuleers.

In any case, operations will continue as normal.


While I agree on the theory behind your text, I still think that ARC is doing what they think are right.

And drifter clearly have shown ability to not put every capsuleer on the same basket.
Furthermore ARC work allowed us to uncover the TC existence and many more scientific advances.
And we need to thanks them for that.
Even if I does not approve all their methods and even have suffered form them during the kyonoke inquest.
I still think they are a leading organisation in term of scientific organisation of new eden.