The drifters are not a threat to New Eden, but they may be a danger to ARC

It’s all about communication. The Drifters refuse to communicate in any way, except through acts of violence. They have used acts of violence to tell us that they do not fear to invade our territory and strike at our societies.

ARC and the others who run incursions into Drifter hives are communicating in return - that humanity is not impressed and that Drifter actions will have consequences. You can argue about the efficacy of said consequences, but after all those destroyed Drifter ships, you can’t argue that humanity has been passive.


?? Uh … you may have to remind me, pilot.

Did we do something bad during the Inquest?

(I was working with ARC, at the Directrix’s order, as usual.)


Oh yeah, if you want to see a real genocide, between us and HAWKS we’ve probably been killing between one and three thousand drifters a week, every week, for the last two years!


I was the one trying to solve the murder of the SoCT brother during the first night, if it help I was the one to make the white paper-board on the last day.
(sorry for the quality, my files have been partially corrupted)
I help identify Dr veran as an impostor and on the last day you had me followed by one of your members when you learned that I had access to the garbage collector on the 5th floor (where the box was jettisoned into space) and it was in this place I found akira. Your acolyte insisted to bring her on the stage when I wished to let the SoCT take care of her in secrecy.
As I said to miss priano during the gathering, I do not hold a huge grudge about it, the main thing was that we could make the vaccin.
But I also talked with your security team that wanted to organise a thief of the injector to prove the SoCT insufficient protection mesures. I left before they actually did something, not wanting to take any part on it.

But I am a man of science before everything else, and as long as we talk about science, I’m a supporter of ARC work.
Personal level is an other matter and I’m really slow to really trust anyone.

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Hm. Insofar as the Inquest goes, considering the chaos, the time constraints, and the sheer number of active parties, we were highly decentralized. No orders were given for any of our core staff to trail any other capsuleer, to the best of my knowledge. I will say that the PNS capsuleers who provided security in the Inquest Hall on the third day did make an effort to observe all parties present, to identify any unusual or suspicious behavior, and to either act on that or else relay it to those who could follow up. I can’t recall their names off hand, but Ms. Edios would certainly know.

As to the rest, well-- I suspect reminiscence about the Inquest might be better saved for another venue.


Bitter enemies…This war between the Drifters and the Trigs seems to be one fueld with ferocity on both sides. Entire fleets of Drifters left wounded propped up on stargates. The whole fleet, it just the survivors of a larger engagement? Regardless the spirits of those still tied to the mutilated corpse the Drifters defiled are begging for mercy. An opportunity to appease them is simply at our feet…

The Drifters’s secrets go far deeper than we’ve yet to reach. An unfortunate state we find ourselves in. Unable to shed light on the shadows of their horrid nests that keep pumping out more. More and more Drifters just being created to be sent out to our sectors or to fight these Triglavians.

Soon, the Capsuleers will arrive as a third party. Our powers are practically damn near apocalyptic. Just put a conventional fleet in front of a pilot and you’ll see nothing but charred wrecks twenty minutes later. Depending on how badly this conflict is growing for the Drifters and Trigs. Capsuleers might just prove to be a more greusuome nightmare to have brought down on them both.

Exotic, foreign and remote. Wealth of new opportunity is found in this “paradise”. This oasis just begging for its fruits to be harvested. We bring ruin in the form of taking advantage at what these Abyssal deadspace pockets can offer us.


We talked about it during the gathering last week, and you know that I do not ressent ARC, I understand that it was a period of crisis and you can’t be accounted for the actions of each ARC members.

And as I said, it’s in the past, If I was really grudging I would be much more pro active and certainly spend so much time talking with you on your public channel !

But as I stated, I’m a man of science, not politics, so I will neither hush my opinions in favour of a party or another.
On my opinion, there is no such things as “unchangeable” I make theories, test them and make them evolve.
And as I stated many times, I’m really glad with the scientific work that ARC make!


Oh hey pebble guy turned up again. Hows the evac going?

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Pebble guy?

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