Silent Infinity declares witch-hunt against Drifters

(Diana Kim) #22

I don’t really think that pursuing of Drifters is a correct course of action from the strategic point of view. Drifter invasion has already been halted and they were pushed back. I’d say they are in the state of fleeing now. Does it worth pursuing fleeing enemy and defeat them to prevent their further attacks? Absolutely. But is it wise to pushing into fleeing front when you are being pushed from two other sides? I wouldn’t say so.

There are two more enemies who are, unlike Drifters, actually actively invade Amarr Empire territory.
First are Sansha Nation, who regularly invade whole constellations, and their activity is the largest in the Empire. Luckily for all of us, CONCORD pays quite a hefty sums of ISK and greedy capsuleers with pleasure mop floors with Sansha heads, not allowing them even crawl away. This situation is under control.

And there is the third front - against Savages. Against the same Republic, who caused the disaster at Mekhios, against tribals, whose Elder fleet invaded core Empire worlds and caused so many deaths and kidnappings.

Tribals attack the Empire and occupy Imperial systems. They oppress people, rape, murder and pillage. Millions of people are now living under their boots. And this situation is clearly neither controlled nor contained.

I myself have been in space all this time and I really didn’t encounter a lot of Drifter activity. With almost daily operations, I saw only these lancers idling at the gate. While I did see Sansha camps, who was agressively attacking ships, trying to pass the gate, and of course I encountered tribal pilots, that were trespassing even into State territory.

And I will repeat, what I’ve started with. I don’t think that wasting firepower on Drifters is correct from the strategic point of view while tribals are allowed to occupy Imperial worlds.

(Vaari) #23

No i did not. Silent Infinity is not bound to ARC nor SERAPH. We have our own goals, our own members and hopes. What works for ARC or SERAPH may not always work for us.

We have our anti drifter witch-hunt now and doing God’s will now.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #24

I did register to my endless amusement that Debbie - Sorry, Debes Sparre - of Electus Matari is indeed flying with Silent Infinity, fighting others in the Great Wildlands. I genuinely don’t quite know what to make of this, but it is downright delectable, no matter how that goes.

(Vaari) #25

It is indeed interesting arrangement. We both work for NRDS and I, Lord Vaari have restrained some of general activities in GW not to annoy honorable Electus Matari. While I am senior diplomat of Silent Infinity, I have abstained myself on that position for some time regarding matters of Electus Matari and do not comment this matter further.

(Arrendis) #26

So you’re NRDS and settling into a new region… did you just decide to keep the same ‘Red’ list as when you were in Provi, or are you waiting for the locals to shoot you before you decide who’s red under your new circumstances?

(Vaari) #27

General list is Proviblock list, but it has been modified to fulfill our needs.

(Arrendis) #28

So your general list is one based on the activities, interests, and goals of a larger group of people living under different circumstances in a different area? Do you think it’s wise to say ‘this is the list of people who aren’t liked by people I don’t like, let me immediately declare them all my enemies as I invade someone else’s home’?

(Vaari) #29

As I said, list has been modified. Heavily on some parts. We are flexible alliance and can react fast if it needs further modifications.

(Makoto Priano) #30

Lord Vaari, the declaration of holy war is well and good.

I ask: what concrete actions are you and yours undertaking to prosecute this war?

(Vaari) #31

We have seen abominations in GW area. It is my hope we can amass ships more suitable to assault against drifters dark magic than our expensive ships we use against sanshas, angel cartel and so one. After that we should take more aggressive course of action of drifter shights.

(Arrendis) #32

So you plan to throw massed numbers of disposable Coercers etc at them? That’s a lot of lives lost over time to save… ultimately, no money at all.

(Vaari) #33

It is clear that serf like yourself does not know very much about void combat.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #34

Aaaaaand there’s the point where I sever the Galnet connection and go seek medical attention for ruptured sides.

(Arrendis) #35

Yeaaaah, I’m just gonna let you keep on with that erroneous assumption.

(Makoto Priano) #36