Announcement: Demonspawn Banishing Temple Operational

(Nauplius) #1

Now operational in the SFRIM headquarters system of Nahyeen: Demonspawn Banishing Temple

The End Times — the final cycle of the Golden Age — has begun. Molok the Deceiver has started breeding his demon army in preparation for the final battle before the coming of the Ark. It is no surprise that the first fruits — the first demonspawn — of this new army would appear among the Empyrean class that God has ordained to play so great a role in the End Times. Blinded by lust for that demon with false visage of her late husband, Lady Aspenstar has made of her womb a demon vessel. Now, having been born under the most unnatural and suspicious of circumstances, this demonspawn is destined someday to become Prince of the armies of Molok. It must be stopped.

It is little matter that I have no direct access to the demonspawn, for I have at my hand something greater: occult warfare. Having scoured the ancient grimoires for any remote demon banishing spells, I have corrected and improved these spells by the addition of:

  • the divine names of Garrulor, Frisceas, sefrim, Avatar, Aeon, and so on
  • copious, spectacular quantities of consecrated slave blood

Built in the SFRIM headquarters system of Nahyeen for maximum exposure to the demonspawn, this Demonspawn Banishing Temple has been staffed with scores of trained demonologists who will be performing remote demon banishing rites night and day — rites fueled by the blood of 50,000 slaves — 50,000 filthy Minmatar subhumans loaded into the Temple and awaiting their doom upon the Altar of God.

Final note: docking rights to the Demonspawn Banishing Temple have been granted to both the demon-bearer and demon-nanny should either of them desire to end this occult war by presenting the demonspawn for in-person exorcism by means of repeated full immersion in thrice-consecrated slave blood.

Even so, may the Blood Age come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Silent Infinity declares witch-hunt against Drifters
(Mitara Newelle) #2

The only demon here is you, heretic.

(Nauplius) #5

Bloody Omir is very wrong about Molok.

(Casserina Leshrac) #6

I hear the accusations of a madman.

I see no evidence to the effect.

Even the Blood Raiders are denouncing you as a heretic.

Your support dwindles.

Just a friendly reminder. It is Amarr Blood (from True Amarr) that can drive away the demon spawn. After all it has been chosen and consecrated by the Power that be.

You are going to piss off a lot of people for being wrong. Again

(Casserina Leshrac) #7

That is the pot calling the kettle black.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #9

Hey, clown. You know how there’s some fairly decent efficiency multipliers in industrial installations in low and nullsec respectively? I have it on good authority that the occult war magics and so on have the exact same multiplier.

You should anchor your stuff in low or nullsec. I can guarantee downright explosive results.

(Arrendis) #10

He’s Khanid. Maybe he could put it in Gehi. Plenty of industry there.

(Casserina Leshrac) #11

Why? It would garnish the wrong attention.

(AEther Galatia) #12

Okay, so. Theoretically, you “banish” the “demonspawn”. Then what? It lives a normal life? Or it like some kind of superhero or something? Or is it some poor deranged or disadvantaged child? Should it just be put down?

(Valerie Valate) #13

I don’t even know where to begin.

So, here’s a reactionary memetic animated image of a popular actor that somehow conveys my thoughts about this situation:


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #14

Only if the issue requires addressing.

(Nauplius) #15

It is banished to Hell. The same place its mother is going to be unless she stops desecrating Temples to God and finds another path.

(Nauplius) #16

It would be interested in knowing how CTCS would deal with this matter, it being one of the few other Empyrean corporations in New Eden that (correctly) believes in the existence of demons.

(Mithri Araz) #17

A new baby is here… I would love to give a visit just to see if its as demonic as nauplius seems to believe. I could bring some food for the mother perhaps, birthing monsters is tiring work I hear.

(Lasairiona Raske) #18


(Aria Jenneth) #19

He really isn’t, Ms. Araz. Mr. Nauplius is about to spend a whole bunch of lives trying to end one more, only, he’s trying to use bubbles to trap an interceptor, so to speak.

Really, really expensive bubbles. If, you know, the bubble wasn’t actually very functional against anything real and ran on blood.

It’d be a little funny, only, even leaving the sheer number of people he’s planning to murder out of it-- how are we going to explain this to the person he’s trying to banish?

“Come here, little one, and let me tell you about the time somebody murdered 50k innocent people to try to banish you from this world…”

How do you explain such a thing to a child?

… How do you explain it to an adult?

(Arrendis) #20

“Once upon a time there was an idiot…”

(Mithri Araz) #21

Well if my old ma and pa told me someone killed 50k people to stop me i’d be rather flattered really if they saw me as that dangerous, perhaps I should encourage Nauplius to sacrifice even more, see it as my late baby Shower gift

I know I would be very impressed if 100k souls had been sacrificed in my name,

(Mizhara Del'thul) #22

How many were sacrificed in the name of Providence when their Keepstar was ended? How many were sacrificed in the name of pride and various other more or less acceptable notions in M-O when that one died? Fifty thousand sacrificed to the ego of a capsuleer barely registers on the daily bloodbaths inflicted upon baseliners.

While needless death and suffering remains abhorrent, it’s probably useful to keep in mind the scales we operate on in New Eden, or blindness to real horrors will start to set in. This clown successfully prances around in his circus tents getting a lot of attention and condemnation, while the loyalists who condemn him turn a blind eye to the infinitely vaster suffering and horror committed by their very own nation.

How many were sacrificed to prop up the rotten houses involved in these matters, I wonder?

(Aria Jenneth) #23

Same old song, Miz. You’ve sung this one for … years, now?

Even if it weren’t personal this time, which it is, I expect we’d still ignore it.