Announcement: Temple of Sedevacantism Now Operational

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist announces the immediate opening of the Temple of Sedevacantism in the system of Nakri. This temple will provide the following services:

  • Sanctuary. The largest sedevacantist worship space yet built, it has as its centerpiece perhaps the most perfect replica of the Imperial Golden Throne ever made. Of course, this Throne shall remain empty until such time as God restores a True Emperor to us. From here the sermons of Nauplius, Doctor of the Faith, shall be recorded and issued to sedevacantists throughout the cluster.
  • Altar of God. Ritual sacrifice is not a common occurrence in the Amarr Religion. But nor is it a non-existent occurrence. As my spiritual mentor, Morgana Tsukiyo, taught me, there must be balance between blood and other forces. Like Molok the Deceiver before them, we shall sacrifice only the highest value enemies of God who fall into our hands, such as degenerate, liberal, abolitionist holders or Minmatar Republic leaders.
  • Mini-Plantations. Once the True Emperor purges the Amarr nobility of degenerate, Minmatar-loving abolitionists, there will be a need for a new generation of Holders to take their place. That generation is being trained here. The most loyal sedevacantist faithful will be assigned mini-plantations, either growing Wheat or raising Yaks, both of which have already been brought to the Temple in large quantity. In either case, the Holder-to-be shall also have control of Minmatar Slaves to work their estates, and they will practice ordering, disciplining, breeding, and stuffing with Vitoc and TCMCs all the slaves they are given. This agriculture will be fueled by strong lighting, powered by multiple Nuclear Reactors that have been installed in the Temple.
  • Manufacturing. To spread sedevacantism requires propaganda, especially posters and prayer drones. Here in this Raitaru we will supercharge the making of both, targeting especially the holdings of degenerate, liberal, abolitionist, Minmatar-loving holders, seeking to drive a wedge between them and their more traditional workers.
  • Gift Shop. Here will be sold, dolls, action figures, and other paraphernalia related to persons important to us sedevacantists, such as Lord Alar Chakaid, hero of Kahah, wrongly framed by anti-Empress Catiz; Nauplius, Doctor of the Faith; and Morgana Tsukiyo, who made sedevacantism possible by decursing the evil spells of Aria Jenneth, allowing Doctor of the Faith Nauplius to find the correct path.

We have chosen to site this Temple in the system of Nakri, home to degenerate, abolitionist, Minmatar-loving holders such as House deSilvestris, which provide fertile soil for the spread of sedevacantism, so much so that we already had enough cells for House Sarum and the MIO to raid just days and weeks after we began preaching there. The Temple of Sedevacantism is open to the public.

You are already dead.


I still love how you focus on the Matari. going against God’s own words for your own interpretation Nauplius, and I am pretty sure if your False-Emperor held the same views, God would not support him either. it clearly states in the Book of Reclaiming

“I give to you the destiny of Faith,
And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:
Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given.”
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13

I do not see anywhere that it just states the Matari. then again. a Heretic like yourself… I wouldn’t expect to be able to read…

I think the question we’re all dying to have answered is…

Are there yaks?


The agricultural mini-plantations are, in fact, entirely on the backs of moon-sized yaks.

Yes, there are yaks.

Somehow I ended up receiving a thousand of their cousins. You may be interested to hear that they have taken their relocation to Pelsiddhakyl rather well.

Nakri will be your heresy’s graveyard.


Have you considered opening up one of these in Dam-Torsad, Naupy? Hell, maybe you should even open one up right next to where the Empress lives. Maybe she don’t even know that she’s the anti-empress yet? I’m sure she’d abdicate after listening to what you, in your infinite, prophetic wisdom, hav’ta say.


PIE, LUMEN, and other morally degenerate abolitionist defenders of anti-Empress Catiz are so offended by the teaching of the Vacant Throne that they have declared war upon us. Who will stand with sedevacantism in its hour of need?



We have a name but we do not do it to defend the Amarr Empress or for any religious reason. We do it to stop the spread of your hateful message. The Federation may have tolerated you hiding for so long, but we do not.

I relish to opportunity to shut you down.

Captain Clementine Lafleur
Nadire Security Consultants



You wanted the storm.

You shall have it.



The degeneracy of House deSilvestris has no limit. In return for a “favor granted”, “Lady” Ekaterina deSilvestris has lured the Gallentean loyalist corporation, Nadire Security Consultants, and their traitorous Commander and Combat Capacity Operations Officer, MantelGlobalIndustries, to Nakri in order to down the shields of the Temple of Sedevacantism.

This is what the Amarr Loyalist Bloc has become! Unable to fight its own battles, they must bring in treasonous Gallentean filth to do their work for them! Could the truth of sedevacantism be any more plain? Consider, O people of Nakri! Your “holders”, House deSilvestris, cannot even muster up a loyal Amarrian fleet and must call in favors from the Gallente! The degeneracy, the moral rot, and the weakness of an Empire and a Nobility in the time of a Vacant Throne is as exposed as can be!

Rise up, O people of Nakri! Overthrow your Gallentean overlords! Take up the banner of the Vacant Throne! Amen and Amarr Victor!

Oh Don’t Worry Heretic, There are Amarrian forces coming as well, we’ll all be along shortly.

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Good, that absolutely is well; it however does little to salve my deep reservations at a Sacred Throne Paladin importing Gallente combatants, as very much appears to have been the case.

Even more concerning is the organisation in question’s record of waging war on the Empire in Devoid and the Bleak Lands, and more recently their role in the destruction of an Imperial Navy formation in the process of forcing a border crossing in Jark.

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Greetings and salutations. Thank you for contacting the Office Of Nascent Representative Democracies. Your nascent representative democracy is important to us. Please find attached materials designed to assist you with the planning of your democratic institutions.

As you perfect your representative democracy, please be advised joining the Gallente Federation proper depends upon the extent to which your nascent representative democracy demonstrates:

  • stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities;
  • a functioning market economy and the capacity to cope with competition and market forces in the Gallente Federation;
  • the ability to take on and implement effectively the obligations of membership, including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.

If you require financial assistance, please do not hesitate to contact appropriate Non-Governmental Organizations for competitive rates.

Thank you for contacting the Office of Nascent Representative Democracies. Your nascent representative democracy is important to us.

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Nauplius, looks like your shield is gone. You lose it somewhere? Maybe it rolled under that fancy chair you made. Better get on your knees and check under there.

Captain Ferrinn Vuhs
Nadire Security Consultants


Are you claiming to be a sovereign power, now?


None of this is accurate to what happened.

And the amount of crowing I have seen over Nadire managing to get the wardec off a few hours earlier than we did makes everyone involved look silly.