Sedevacantist Church Statement on the Disciples of Purity

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist hereby declares provisional support for the organization calling itself the Disciples of Purity. We agree with the Disciples of Purity that anti-Empress Catiz must abdicate and that the money-grubbing, impure Tash-Murkon family cannot be allowed to supply any more rulers. We support the removal of corrupt, liberal, abolitionist Heir families and their replacement by orthodox ones. We reject anti-Empress Catiz’s emancipation program as it applies to Minmatar (who are a permanent slave people excluded from manumission) and support attacks upon missions supplying any sort of aid to Minmatar slaves under this emancipation program. We consider the proposal that a Council of Apostles select a new Emperor to be worthy of discussion; however, we believe that God may choose other means of bringing forth a True Emperor and we must be watchful for his movements.

All sedevacantists everywhere are instructed to provide shelter and support for the Disciples of Purity in what we hope is our shared quest to restore a True Emperor to the Throne.

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I for one welcome the opportunities for those reclaimed of all creeds ready to fully embrace their reclamation in service to the Empire. Remember, only those a Lord or Lady Holder deems ready are set to this task. This branch has already born good fruit.
As for Empress Catiz’s most pure worthiness, was it not by lawful succession trial that our Empress has ascended to the throne? Was it not with her assisting hand as head of Tash-Murkon, guiding Empress Jamyl to bring the Kanad Kingdom back into the fold and make our Empire once more whole? I for one will stand by my Empress and her visionary ways to full freedom for all who are ready to walk the true path. Is not our True Blood of Amarr so divine as to strengthen whatever it touches? The Udorian people have long been folded into our own. Is it not a testament to the direction of our righteous path that one blood so lowly can now be counted cleansed and embraced as our divine ruler? St. Tal-Romon is proof of this. Dare your cult show face in his holy shrine? Tell me when and I shall be there too. And if in space we meet, I shall don the skins I collect from the Purity’s own vessels that fall beneath the divine light of my lasers.
In Empress Catiz there is hope for all creation. I joyfully await the first Matari saint who may be born this very day freely released to the works of spreading our faith in the Republic! If they one day prove worthy, perhaps even the Ammatar may truly strengthen our Empire as not just a thin shield on our border but a fully armored body at the front of our line.

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