Sedevacantism: The Amarr Ideology for Our Time

In the last week, Minmatar agents operating within CONCORD suppressed all bloodline information from pilot records, an obvious act of cultural warfare targeted at Holy Amarr. The one and only proper response by the Amarr Empire to this outrage was this: immediate secession from CONCORD, invasion of Yulai and Constellation Sanctum, and the extermination or enslavement of every last CONCORD official, down to the janitors at CONCORD headquarters. This response was not forthcoming.

The Scriptures are full of promises regarding the Emperor — that he will harness good and punish evil, breathe authority, rule righteously, and so on. Indeed, Saint Junip wrote, “We cannot fail, for we have the Emperor to lead us and destiny to follow” [1]. For a century and a half, however, our Emperors have failed us: failed to make total, existential war upon the Minmatar in response to the Elder Fleet, failed to uphold and defend the Scripturally-ordained institution of slavery, and failed to respond to CONCORD’s repeated aggressions upon Holy Amarr, of which the removal of bloodlines is just the latest. Therein is a conundrum. The Scriptures teach the authority, verity, and legitimacy of the Emperor, yet all around we see a Reclaiming that has seriously stalled for the first time in history, while heresy and abolitionism rule the land.

How must the faithful understand the contradictions, this apparent discrepancy between reality and the promises of the Scriptures? By this: having proclaimed the Pax Amarria and the end of reclaiming by conquest, Heideran VII ceased to be a valid Emperor, and the Throne has remained vacant ever since — or in the old tongue, sede vacante. Thus, the failings of Dorian, Jamyl, and Catiz no longer contradict the Scriptures, since they were never Emperors at all, but anti-Emperors, as did Heideran become after he promulgated the Pax Amarria.

We sedevacantists, as we may be styled, do not deny that the Amarr are the Chosen People of God or that the Amarr Empire is the Chosen Instrument of God. We simply believe that the Throne is vacant, and because all power flows from the Throne, so too do we reject the authority of all Imperial institutions from the Theology Council to the Ministry of Internal Order. We shall seek guidance in the Scriptures and in the laws and customs of the Empire as they stood pre-Pax Amarria.

In his own time, God will restore a valid Emperor (I note that a promising candidate remains imprisoned on Tanoo by anti-Empress Catiz and her lackeys in the Order of St. Tetrimon). As we wait, let us worship together in a newly founded Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, branches to be founded on Gallentean worlds and in lawless space and in pilots’ hangers and anywhere else where we may find refuge as we await the glorious Restoration of a valid Emperor to the Throne. Even so, may the Restoration come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

[1] The Scriptures, Second Letter of St. Junip of Aerui

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A special double header from the IGS’s resident curmudgeon: Treason and Heresy!

P.S. Enjoy your one-way trip to the Federation.


Do you ever see a title and know exactly who the author is?

As a faithful, I thank you Nauplius. For some time you have been claiming to be one of us and pushed the extreme edge of what could charitably qualify as orthodoxy, if misguided. Now that you come out so openly, it is plain that you were actually spouting heresies all along and the non-believers or those less versed in theology can see that you were not, and are not, an orthodox member of the faith.

I look forward to your upcoming trial.


How do those work? Like, can I buy tickets?

I guess he’s moved on from his equestrian pastimes.

A true Khanid will never abandon equestrian pastimes. But they are pastimes; the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist is a job.

So, uuhh, my ma sent me a… thing. Normally I’d have ignored it, but my pa said I’d get a kick outta this.
Apparently, your Sedevacantism is, and I quote, “an extension of the original Khanid separatist heresy, the height of arrogant folly, and an insult to the True Amarr, worthy of summary execution and…”
Well, you get the idea. Later on she also says some other stuff I ain’t gonna pass along because there’s lines I just don’t cross, even if she did.

Isn’t this what actually Minmatars did starting the current war, sans enslavement part obviously, that exact Elder fleet that you have mentioned?.. Do you want to be like Minmatars now, Mr. Nauplius?..

This is called mutiny, Mr. Nauplius. The reasons for this don’t matter, if you had merit to become Emperor yourself, you shall have done this, but going against your Empress without having a merit of Emperor yourself, it’s a mutiny, it’s a crime.

With committing such a thing, I cannot consider you ally anymore.
Enemies of the Empire are enemies of the State.


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