Sedevacantist Church Statement Concerning Recent Events

We, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, welcome WAR, the world’s only hygiene and only antidote to the poison of the heretical, pacifistic Pax Amarria. We especially celebrate the heroic sacrifice of the Shining Flame dreadnought fleet that bombed from orbit the filthy Minmatar subhumans of the city of Jolan Kraal on the planet Floseswin IV. Truely, with the coming of the True Emperor, your glorious tale will be enshrined in the Scriptures and inspire the soldiers of his New Reclaiming as we trample all the cluster under our jackboots.

Let sedevacantists everywhere heed the following instructions as we beat the drums of WAR

Let sedevacantists in Amarr territories follow the glorious example of the Shining Flame and launch independent attacks upon the Minmatar people wherever they can be found. Pay no attention to the peaceful blather — much less the orders — of anti-Empress Catiz, that moneygrubbing merchant who wants a return to “peace” so she can make more money. Furthermore, take every opportunity to drag through the mud the names of any pacifistic, liberal, abolitionist noble house who is insufficiently enthusiastic about the opportunity for WAR. Question the liberals’ patriotism, their heroism; call them greedy atheists who value trade over Reclaiming, even over Amarr lives.

Let sedevacantists in Gallente territories oppose pacifist sentiments wherever they can be found; hold anti-peace counter-demonstrations and smear pacifists as cowards and weaklings. Furthermore, take every opportunity to break the Gallente-Minmatar alliance. Whip up hatred against the Brutor Vanguard and the Brutor people generally; make demonstrations in Brutor neighborhoods and chant the most virulent anti-Brutor slogans. Make the Gallente people understand that all Brutor everywhere share the sentiments — and guilt — of the Brutor Vanguard and make them think of the Brutor and Minmatar generally as a traitorous Fifth Column inside the Federation.

Let sedevacantists in pirate territories take careful note of their surroundings and encourage WAR to the maximum extent your pirate hosts allow. Always and everywhere emphasize the opportunities for salvation inherent in a New Reclaiming.

Rejoice, Faithful! The coming of the True Emperor is near! Even so, may the True Emperor come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.



Why you make me hungry?

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Although I enjoyed the discussion of Khanid yak magic immensely, I admit I was curious as to why the Sedevacant Church was being relatively tame in the face of WAR.

WAR! What’s it good FOR?


One irony of the Jin-Mei and Gallente joining together in a federal union is the fact that we Jin-Mei take a shower in the morning, and then we take another shower before our noon synchronized aerobic dancing, after which we take a shower. Then, we take a shower in the evening before we soak ourselves in a steaming mineral bath. Then we take a shower before going to bed.

MOISTURIZER! What’s it good FOR?

Well, it’s good for mechanized infantry units as a way to prevent chaffing from cybernetic limb replacements and exoskeleton swaps.



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Even if Nauplius may not be the most liked person in the Summit, there is a place for off-topic remarks.

His stance regarding the proper course of the Empire will probably be getting a lot of attention from his peers already.

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Dude, it’s just you.


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