Sedevacantist Statement on Kahah and Lord Chakaid

We, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, do hereby condemn today’s FALSE FLAG OPERATION against Kahah III intended to besmirch the good name of Lord Alar Chakaid, the Khanid Kingdom, and the sedevacantist movement. It ought to be obvious to all thinking people that the Equilibrium of Mankind, which has served as nothing more than an insignificant punching bag and bounty faucet to the Empyrean class for the better part of two decades, could not possibly have mounted an attack of this magnitude on its own. Equally obvious is that the mastermind behind today’s events is none other than ANTI-EMPRESS CATIZ who is attempting to distract her subjects from her FAILING, ILLEGITIMATE RULE by simultaneously—

  • Benefiting from rally-around-the-flag patriotism as the Empire wars against new foe—albeit one she created herself.
  • Trashing the reputation of her greatest rival, the hyper-orthodox, hyper-competent, Hero of Kahah, Lord Chakaid.
  • Trashing the reputation of the Khanid Kingdom, whose King employed Lord Chakaid as his right hand man, for the Kingdom remained a bastion of orthodoxy and slavery even as the Empire under the rule of its succession of post-Pax Amarria anti-Emperors became liberal and decedent.
  • Trashing the reputation of the sedevacantist movement, which has publicly supported Lord Chakaid, and which now must contend with a wave of false patriotism and anti-“treason” paranoia.

Sedevacantists everywhere: expect elevated persecution. But lo! the True Emperor does come quickly, and all who hold fast to the Empty Throne shall have eternal rewards. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Are you for real right now?



It has been objected that Lord Chakaid was observed speaking in Local and left behind a body when his Titan and pod were destroyed. Obviously, this “Chakaid” was a clone, cloned during his unjust imprisonment by anti-Empress Catiz, and that clone was programmed or otherwise conditioned to preach whatever nonsense about the Gates of Paradise opening. Just compare what he said in Local to the various profound, eloquent speeches he has made on other occasions, including right here in this very forum. It is obvious that wasn’t the real Lord Chakaid.

If the Empress is false and the ruling caste of Amarr is corrupt, as you contend, Chakaid’s attack furthers the objective you claim as your own. Instead of embracing him, you deny him credit for striking at the serpent, and claim it was the serpent itself which acted in his place.

You have put yourself in the unenviable position of being a traitor to both the Empress and Chakaid.


My friend I’ve seen the stuff he’s said and he comes off as the kind of guy that eats children and passes it off as high society cuisine.

What he said today isn’t too far off


I never once would have thought I’d see Nauplius ever dig a grave so large before.

But yet here we are looking at his insane announcements yet again.


Ramen again?

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Proof, please. And don’t start to quote ONLY the scriptures. Scientific proofs.

This must be the most loo-loo loopy thing I’ve ever seen you post, Naupy. I’m sure the Federation wouldn’t even shed a tear at this point if the Empire rolled up to Lamadent and orbitally bombarded that church’a yours.

Naupilus, you’re kidding, right?

A wise man once said, don’t take Nauplius seriously. Ever.

Do you have the transcripts, and if so, may you share them please?

Much of his profundity is collected here:

Among many of the posts listed there, consider this one:

Words calculated to pry at our world’s foundations, a prayer for division, hatred, strife, and collapse.

At the time we mostly thought it was for his ambition. Now it seems the corrosion was the purpose, and the appearance of ruthless ambition was itself a mask.



About the Local transcripts during the battle, do you have them?

He would have had to be there to get them, but all of us that were there putting the heretic down would have also happily shot at Nauplius

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Am I reading this right, do you share beliefs of Equilibrium of Mankind?

Adversary Kim, Nauplius is asserting that because Chakaid is hyper-orthodox, hyper-competent, and hyper-focused on genocide, he would never be a member of the hyper-orthodox, hyper-focused on genocide Equilibrium (competence in question).

Consequently, the Chakaid we witnessed smite a planet was an agent used by the Amarrian Empress to discredit the hyper-orthodox, hyper-focused Sedevacantists.


Since he was not present to defend whom he claims to support, here you go Ms.Tsukiyo

Alar Chakaid > Now is the time to open the Gates of Paradise!
Alar Chakaid > Glory to the One True God! Open the Gates of Paradise, my brothers and sisters!
Alar Chakaid > Die Arraz, you fool! The Gates of Paradise open this day!
Alar Chakaid > Holy! Holy! Holy!
Alar Chakaid > Glory to the One True God!

Just after that his Titan became a Very Very nice Fireball


When the Amarr religion promotes genocide and murder it’s unsurprising when it produces people like Alar Chakaid and their genocidal death cult.

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