Free Lord Alar Chakaid!

Reports Duke Alar Chakaid “Seized by Order of St. Tetrimon Special Forces on Floseswin IV”; Current Location Unknown

In this time of trial, mankind needs a hero, a champion.

That hero, that champion, is Lord Alar Chakaid.

Only he can bring peace and security to a cluster in flames, as he brought peace and security to Thebeka and Kahah, and would have brought peace and security to Floseswin had he not been backstabbed by House Sarum, who fled the planet even as the 24th Imperial Crusade conquered most of the warzone. Instead, he languishes in some jail, doubtless the result of a Sarum plot.

I call for Lord Alar Chakaid to be appointed general-in-chief of all Amarr forces — no, make that Supreme Allied Commander of CONCORD, Edencom, and all four Empires and everything else besides. With God as his lodestar, he will make the Demons of Triglav regret they ever saw New Eden’s blue stars. His sermons will inspire us to resist to the very last, even as the Demons of Triglav try to adapt us to their darkened skies. And if this be our End Times, Lord Chakaid will make for us such an end that this last book of our Scriptures will be the glorious myth, epic cycle, and inspiration for countless ages and generations yet unborn.

Free Lord Alar Chakaid.

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Responding in line to this… ‘Announcement’.

The ‘Peace and Security’ he brought was mostly due to him killing everyone that he did not like. So, yeah, dead people tend to be fairly ‘peaceful’, and they no longer constitute any kind of ‘security threat’-so I suppose I cannot argue that his results were technically successful? Cluster in flames? It is true that he seems to be an expert on setting ■■■■ on fire-mostly people, it seems-so maybe you have a point there, too.

Why do you propose that he stop making the ‘Demons of Triglav’ regret seeing just New Eden’s Blue Stars? Why not all of the Stars? Seems pretty exclusionary for someone you think should be in charge of, apparently, everything.

As it is, I do not care to listen to any sermon by Chalk-Boy or any of his ilk.

Also, if we are indeed in the ‘End Times’-which I personally doubt-no matter who might ‘lead’, this will not be a glorious myth, an epic cycle, nor an inspiration for 'countless ages and generations unborn-as, by definition, the ‘End Times’ means that there will no future ages in which it might be listened to.

That being said? Yeah, I can get behind freeing the guy. Makes him easier to, ehem, ‘find’.


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Wow. Really going out there with demanding some special titles, aren’t ya?

I can tell you’re almost demanding that even the Pirates bow down to him, even though they never would. Of course, as a murderer he’d be in good company if he ever did meet some, but he probably wouldn’t last long, since generally killing entire populations isn’t a crime that makes you popular out in the less legal side of the stars. Neither is being a dickbag.

Do better crimes.

Don’t worry, I’m sure that the Red King will have another, virtually indistinguishable mouthpiece running rampant soon enough.

I’ll be impressed when Garkeh himself is taken away.


I don’t understand.

It might even be Napkins himself. I mean, he already has the requisite amount of intelligence for the job.

I’d assume Garkeh would get somebody a bit more like himself.

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To arms! To arms!

Our hero, lord, prophet, and champion, Lord Alar Chakaid, has been illegally arrested and held at the Tanoo II Chapterhouse of the Order of Saint Tetrimon! All Chakaidites, Khanid Nationalists, and anti-abolitionist defenders of the old ways must unite against this horrific aggression by wayward, liberal elements within the Empire!

To this end, I have established the Lord Chakaid Rescue Staging Citadel in polar orbit over Tanoo II. In this facility, open to the public, Chakaidites are called to assemble the forces needed to liberate Lord Chakaid from his unjust imprisonment. Everything is needed: Marines, Militants, Freedom Fighters, Planetary Vehicles, Small Arms, Slaver Hounds, and anything else needed to mount a rescue. This army will be trained and molded until such time as it is unleashed against an outmanned and outgunned Tanoo II Chapterhouse of the Order of Saint Tetrimon.

O Order of Saint Tetrimon! There is still time for you to prevent this needless effusion of blood. Whatever liberal abolitionist ordered you to arrest Lord Chakaid is under and judgement of God and need not be obeyed. Release Lord Chakaid that he might lead Khanid and Amarr to ever greater glory! Your immortal souls hand in the balance. Amen. Amarr Victor.

I just want to pop in to point out that I was under the impression Nauplius here was some sort of reformed loyalist or something last I heard? This sort of “calling for armed insurrection against your Imperial overlords” doesn’t quite mesh with that. Hmm.

Also what are you going to do, shoot him out of there and then what, harbor him in your station until the Imperial Navy comes and smites all of you?

He’s much better off with us, we’ll give him all that he has coming to him.

I am loyal to Theology Council member and personal representative of King Khanid, Lord Alar Chakaid.

Sit down, lost child. Be quiet and look to your betters for example.

Earlier today, the Lord Chakaid Rescue Staging Citadel was attacked and its shields downed by the Blood Raider Covenant.

This proves that Lord Chakaid is not a Blood Raider, for why would Lord Chakaid’s supposed allies attack a facility dedicated to rescuing him?

Funk openly admitted for years to being a Blood Raider. The Blood Raiders still shot her.

The Blood Raiders like shooting capsuleers and capsuleer structures. They don’t give a crap about what you claim.


Hell, the Guristas same god damn way. I bust my ass helping build up a trade hub in their home region, put in more work with them than I ever did for Empires and still the bastards still open fire on me when I’m traveling gates or working in a asteroid belt.

I have to mine ice in Y-4 with a squadron unloading on me and it’s not fun. But i gotta sit there and put up with it and restrain myself from just wiping them out.

I bet they think it’s funny even, the pricks.


Yeah but that’s Harkon. It could have been an entirely unrelated grudge against Harkon by someone, and not indicative of a political stance.

I’d just like to say I find all this quite amusing.

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