Announcement: Shrine to Lord Alar Chakaid Operational

In all of God’s creation, there is no place more tragic, no place more blighted, than the Ammatar Mandate. Serpents. Shakorites. Terror harlots. Blood Beasts. Liberals. Abolitionists. A leadership that rejects the greatest gift of slave suppression ever offered by God to his Chosen: Transcranial Microcontrollers.

There is yet hope. From a Kingdom not yet fallen to heresy, there shines forth a radiant sun: Lord Alar Chakaid. From Kahah to Floseswin to the Theology Council, treachery, sedition, and apostasy crumble helplessly before him. Sex-and-frentix addled enemies of God and Empire fume impotently against him. And he has a plan for the Mandate:

The time has come to bring fire, sword, and science to the Ammatar Mandate. Now operational in Jarizza is the Shrine to Lord Alar Chakaid. At its center, an enormous statue of him in pose of victory, trampling rebellious slaves, freedom fighters, and terror harlots at his feet. In the hangers and offices surrounding: Missionary Training, that the gospel of TCMCs might be spread among the Mandate; Holoreel Distribution, that the unfairly banned film “Peace of Kahah” might be offered to the Mandate, along with sermons by Lord Alar Chakaid such as “Reclaiming by Holy Fire”; and the Center for the Study of Esoteric Chakaidism, that we the faithful might might better understand his pronouncements on Black Daggers, Blood Beasts, and other difficult subjects. Blood Beasts of the Mandate will be identified. Black Daggers will be sharpened.

All Chakaidites and followers of the Faith generally are welcome to visit the Shrine to Lord Alar Chakaid.

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I feel like this should banned on account of the obvious fellatio being performed in public…


This is probably one of the most flamboyant things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve lived in Federation space for over thirty years.



Another year, another monument to abomination to burn down. If you spent half the resources you wasted on this shrine in orbit of Floseswin IV defending space, perhaps the mataris would not control that space while your precious Duke is on the ground.

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This is a law? I’ve been in Anoikis a long time, was this always a law? I don’t remember this being a law.

Is it… proper… to build shrines to people who aren’t, you know, dead yet?..

If Napkins is building it, then the answer is always “no”.

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He’s been rather inspiring to our kin, you have to admit that.

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Your pseudo-logic is amusing by the lack of rational thought in it, and yet it has no place here.

Deju vu, anyone?

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There is in the Faith the notion of the Living Saint. For one such as Lord Alar Chakaid, whose deeds are so great, why should we wait for the judgement of history when we can honor his greatness here and now?

You couldn’t make this ■■■■ up.

Your time is long past, Nauplius. Your vain efforts will burn, as they always do.


You are a possessed lunatic, and an impediment to God’s will made manifest, Nauplius.

Your inane obsession with slavery and the Minmatar made you blind to the voice of reason - and to God - years ago.

Your newest tower of madness shall be brought down by the true faithful like all others before it.

Better prepare thyself.

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Or as an attempt to improperly influence an ongoing Theology Council investigation and trial.

Unsettling noises are coming from his mouth on either account.

I enjoy my troublemaker status :woman_shrugging:


There is a way to fix that.


Lord Alar Chakaid could never be so easily corrupted.

Well, since you’re clearly breaking the law of the Imperial region of Derelik, is there any reason that the faithful shouldn’t tear down this castle like we have so many of your lairs of evil before it?

Because I’m thinking there’s not.

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As do I, but in that context, you’re also a warmonger! I’d laugh entertaining that thought were things not quite as serious.