[Excubitoris Chapter] On Rooting Out Internal Enemies

Alar Chakaid, cursed be his name, is now exposed for what we have known him to be since the Succession Trials following the death of the Empress Jamyl, blessed be her name and memory. He is a traitor, a heretic, and a mass murderer.

We cannot rest with the traitor exposed, however, for he was never working alone. Over the course of the last years, he was associated with a wide variety of attacks, which at the time seemed to be the work of Blood Raiders. Yet despite his open support of heretics and the constant correlation of the locations of terrorist attacks with people that he personally was known to dislike, the monster was appointed to one position of power after another for years.

It was only last year, when he, for reasons still unknown, joined in on the fighting in Floseswin that he was able to be apprehended by the Order of Tetrimon, who arrested him under the authority of their anti-heresy mandate, granted to them by the Blessed Catiz I, the Emperor on the Sacred Throne. After his escape from their custody, it now is clear on account of his horrific actions at Kahah that he was in service of the apocalypse chasing heresy known as the Equilibrium of Mankind.

This situation demonstrates just how many enemies of the inside that Holy Amarr faces. [Foreign Translator Note: Enemies of the inside refers to one of the oldest scriptures, catalogued as Book I 1:14] Those who enabled the rise of Alar Chakaid need to be held to account and investigated with the full force of the law. We also must be vigilant towards those who use rhetoric that sounds like his heresy. In particular, the parallels between Alar Chakaid’s Equilibrium of Mankind rhetoric and the rhetoric used by the cursed “Purity of the Throne” rebels at the start of the reign of the Glorious Empress Catiz I is striking. All faithful Amarr must be on guard against those who are sympathetic to these wretched traitors.

The Sacred Duty of the Excubitoris Chapter is to serve the Emperor on the Sacred Throne. We stand ready to do so, using any and all means at our disposal to remove threats to Amarr, both external and internal.

So know this, if you are a hidden internal enemy of the Throne. We are coming for you. We will find you. And we will drown you in your own blood. [Foreign Translator Note: the phrase “drown in own blood” is a reference to the Scriptures, specifically Book II 2:1]

To those who stand together with the faith and maintain the peace of Amarr. We applaud your dedication and will work together with you always. For there is no strength like Amarr standing together in true Faith. [Foreign Translator Note: A paraphrase of Missions 71:21]

In service to the Sacred Throne,
Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order


Thirteen of our pilots were involved in the destruction of the Avatar-class titan piloted by Alar Chakaid. We are registered as having helped destroy all seven titans. I personally delivered the final strike to the structural integrity of one.

Our response was frantic, unorganized, on a whim. And thirteen pilots helped destroy Chakaid’s titan.

As the Equilibrium of Mankind has made clear, this is only the beginning of whatever they have planned and I am proud to say that Brave Collective will stand ready. No matter what is to come.

If there is any way we may be of assistance to you, or to any other group who seeks the destruction of those who’d see the entire New Eden cluster reduced to ash, please do not hesitate to contact me. Even where things may be beyond my own authority, I put you in contact whoever the appropriate party may be.

I am and have always been a Faithful servant of Amarr, and whether it is rooting out internal enemies or fighting against those who make their presence more overt, it is clear that this is a threat we must face together. The Equilibrium of Mankind nearly succeeded in driving the inner cluster to total war as they sought to divide us.

“All things were created by the Divine, and so the glory of our faith is inherent to us all;
When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship;
When thine actions are in Light’s name, thou art immortal.’”

We have seen merely the shadows of our enemy. Let us, together, be the Light shining in the Darkness, and be the ones to drive it out. Regardless of belief or loyalties, let our strength lie in our unities, against those who would use our divisions to destroy us.

Skirmish Fleet Commander, Ambassador to New Eden
Brave Collective




What Chakaid was does not excuse supporting terrorists and abetting insurrection.


The sheer amount of enablers behind him and other sinners in power does.

Anyway, good work at taking him down. Too bad it took almost three years to happen. And that he’s probably not even dead.

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I´m pretty sure we see him again because he is probably a Capsuleer himself

Ah, Samira.

Sadly, no. Alar Chakaid had been a prisoner for months before this. I’m afraid the good work was the enemy’s-- rescuing him in time for all this.

And though that is the popular opinion and the usual way of things, I’ll actually be a little surprised if he’s not.

He was, or is, EoM, Samira-- an extinctionist. It’s likely, if he had the courage of his convictions, that he died for real, knowing that he would.

We didn’t “take him down.” He was a captive, rescued only to be a symbol. He’d served his purpose. He stepped into the open, showed us who he was, and died, taking many with him.

We’ve gotten too used to dealing with pseudoimmortals who think they’re going to live forever. In his own mind Alar Chakaid walked off the field in victory, a paragon of his cult. I doubt we’ll see him again. His cloning would blunt the message. This was him retiring from the field in glory.

Once, you were such a threat to him that he singled you personally out for attention, for destruction. His unmasking might have vindicated you indeed. Only, you couldn’t wait. You acted, and played directly into his hands. You are held up now as a byword for treason.

He destroyed you, and you helped.

Now I see people talking like the threat is over, like it’s time-- like it’s safe!-- to start assigning the real blame for all of this. But I don’t think this is the end at all. They got us good, they’re just getting started, and the vast majority of the weapons the Equilibrium of Mankind can use to kill us are the ones in our own hands.

I might never be able to forgive you for what you helped him make you, Samira. But I can’t afford to hate you, now of all times.

May this candle flame before me bear all the animosity I might have held for you. Inhalation … a huff of breath …


It is good to see you again, Samira. I hope your destroyer’s death brings you some peace.


Sadly, he was only one of a great many.


Seriously, you people can justify sitting on your hands and nodding and smiling at every damned step all you want, but this man ascended to the highest halls of power in your empire, and you did nothing until he chose to reveal himself.

Oh, he got arrested! Big whup, he was being kept on ice until there was another Floseswin for one of the Heirs to unleash him on, and you all know it. If Chakaid and/or the EoM hadn’t decided to say ‘screw it’ and make one hell of a symbolic statement by pumping… what? Six? Seven? Doomsdays into a major agricultural supplier for the Kingdom, he’d have been back in a year, eighteen months, conveniently found to be innocent of charges just in time to go commit atrocities in the Empress’ name.

And you all would have nodded and smiled, again. Oh, maybe one or two of you would’ve expressed disappointment, but only in the absolutely mildest of terms. Mustn’t upset your keepers, after all. Useless sacks of suet, all of you. You enabled this madness for years, and still you shake your finger and ‘tut tut’ in the face of the one person among you who took action to stop him before he could rise to this level of visible, symbolic threat.

Do you think he did this openly because they were done with him? Don’t be stupider than you’ve already spent years being. This is what his ascent was for. If the goal was just to kill people, they could have unleashed that titan three years ago. Instead, Chakaid committed atrocity after atrocity, making sure to mock and taunt… who? Not the Republic, no… capsuleers. He made sure to taunt the people who end up pointless, empty celebrities of death. He mocked the ‘defenders of the Empire’ who wouldn’t dare defend it from him.

And he did it all while smirking right in your faces and using such over the top bullcrap that Nauplius bought into it. Honestly, when some murderous jackwagon is more mustache-twirling than the Butcher Clown, maybe it’s time to realize that he’s tea-bagging you, right there in public.

Because now, it’s obvious that was part of the plan, too.

Capsuleers are held up across New Eden as frikkin’… icons. Powerful, beholden only to themselves and their chosen loyalties. Hell, most of you even believe you don’t die when your body gets obliterated.

The immortal, godlike pinnacle of humanity in service of Holy Amarr. Is it any wonder an agent of the EoM picked you for his special flavor of mockery? That he’d get your attention and ire, so that everyone who watches you… would be watching him? And once they were watching… outrage after outrage, and he all but spat in your faces over it all. Worse, at each one, he was rewarded.

Oh, you got your fancy little titles, your pat on the head and ‘good doggies’, but you never got any power. You never got any real means to make things happen. He showed you all to be the mewling lapdogs that you are. He did it right to your faces, and he laughed at you as he did it.

And now, he’s shown the entire cluster that the Amarr Empire is riddled with his people. He didn’t get promoted to the Theology Council because he was effective. No, he got there because he had friends who were more powerful, who’ve stayed in the shadows. How many more of the TC are EoM? How many of them throughout the upper echelons of the Amarr Empire? How many titans are piloted by EoM navy eggers?

And you think he’s gone now? He just stood on the biggest stage in history, while the frelling ‘gods’ of New Eden swarmed around him like gnats, and casually kept pumping Doomsdays into a planet trillions rely on for food. A planet chosen, doubtlessly, because it was where he first mocked you all, where he was openly murderous, and bent you all to his will. All of you, helping to defend his work, to fight against the efforts of people trying to evacuate victims. Openly sucking up to him like Aldrith did.

That this happened where it did was no accident, and no coincidence, and you all know it.

And the real beauty of it is… you all spent money to protect him. You invested billions in securing Zashev, making sure any evidence of malfeasance would get buried, because it’s inconvenient to the Empire. Mustn’t let the Empire look at all fallible, right? I hope the new dead on Kahah all appreciate your loyalty. I’m sure Alar Chakaid does.

Because no, he’s not gone. He’s not gone any more than he was gone any of the times he got killed as a warclone. Every time he shows up again, from here until he gets tired of doing it, he’s rubbing his balls in your face, showing you and your empire to be impotent against what he represents. Stars, why would the EoM give up a symbol like that, when they can use it to humiliate the Empire and capsuleers for the next thousand years?

No. He’ll turn up again. And every time he does, he’ll mock you more. He’ll say the quiet part out loud. He’ll rub it right in your faces where the empires, CONCORD, hell, all your fan clubs can’t help but see:

You enabled him. You were complicit in his rise to power at every step. Every time you refused to speak out, you made him stronger. Every time you self-righteously declared that obedience was more important than actually protecting your god-be-damned Empire from monsters like you knew him to be, you helped him ascend, get more attention, get more influence, and move closer to his goals.

You, loyal and obedient capsuleers of the Amarr Empire…


Never forget that. The rest of the cluster sure as hell won’t.


I hope, should the Republic, or indeed any other entity, find itself in the future having been infiltrated by duplicitous, immoral characters in the way that Holy Amarr has by the heretic Chakaid, that we should not treat them with the same lack of compassion, or indeed outright contempt, that some now treat us with in light of these recent events.

To take a tragedy such as this, and to use it as nothing more than a mechanism through which to make scathing remarks designed solely to satiate your own ego is deplorable, misguided, and sad.

I have no doubts that the Empire will come away from these troubling times more united and stronger than ever.


I think it’s more funny than anything else.

Chakaid was arrested months ago and it took Doomsday activations in high sec for Amarr to go, “Yes, that man right there is a heretic.”

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Excuse us as we go find the smallest violin in the cluster to play over your salt tears.

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Any and all contempt you receive over this is entirely on yourselves and deserved, as magnificiently outlined by Arrendis. The Amarrian cultural imperative to “save face” enabled all of this. All of it. Trying to garner sympathy and sweet talk this over is just spitting again all over the millions and millions of innocent corpses in your wake.


Still, good on Chakaid. He played everyone like a damn fiddle and got to have an epic reveal party to a burning planet.

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You would treat it as an excuse to invade and call that “compassion”. I’d rather have the scathing remarks.


Your words won’t mean much to the frothing mouths of rabid dogs. They’re more interested in blood than understanding.

Imagine being such a blinded sycophant that you denounce others for being enablers (despite the repeated evidence of them taking ACTION against those you take issue with, even despite the risks to their own lives, personnel and family) while being wholly incapable of acting upon your own convictions. Continuing to make statements while DOING nothing when your beloved leader forces your people to assist in bringing about the destruction of our cluster.

All you will find here is lip service to an ideal while sitting at the foot of it’s antithesis. They’ve never been capable of actually DOING anything but boot licking.
Your words are thought provoking. And I hope they reach the right ears.


That has already happened, and we did not.


I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here. Too many lives have been lost now to take any half measure. We raced to uncover these logs, now we’re in a race to track down Ardishapur and Chakaid. If I find him first, I’m going to blind him with an arc welder and send you the feed. If you find him, we can have a nice trial.

Either way, we get justice out of it. Your way or ours. Good luck, boys. See you at the finish line.

…Couldn’t you just kill him? Or are you going to do something after…?

You seem very focused on the arc welder.

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While I do not know if that is the case here, when someone uses specific expressions like that, it often stems not from an actual literal plan, but from that particular tool or situation having symbolism to them, stemming from the niche and livelihood of their clan, or from personal experience.

Making fun of it does not probably come through the way you intended.

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