Is Cardinal-Duke Chakaid a Blooder?


Recently I have received disturbing allegations from a variety of sources that Cardinal-Duke Alar Chakaid is a Blooder. However, these allegations come with little to no evidence beyond the potentially circumstantial. In this era of foreign propaganda and disinformation my only conclusion is that an otherwise good man seems to be the victim of lies and slander. The idea that a man such as the Cardinal-Duke Chakaid could rise so quickly through the ranks not on his own merits but through collusion with vile heretics seems the province of fiction in a cheap paperback thriller, and not the realms of reality: a conjuration by provocateurs such as the RSS or FIO to undermine trust in the Imperial system!

However, I must still ask, is there any actual proof or evidence of such collusion between the Cardinal-Duke Chakaid and the Blooders, or should such just be dismissed for what it is – black propaganda?

It’s probably not true. Take my word for it.

He selected an open Blooder for one of the potential champions for the Red King in the last Succession Trials. Many of those who have spoken out against Chakaid have had a location close to them suffer a Blooder strike shortly thereafter. The man also wanted to wear a corpse.

These facts, among others, make it clear that he’s a Blooder.


I find this hard to believe. If true, it means those administering Shathol’syn were also complicit in allowing an alleged Blooder to compete in one of the holiest of Amarr rituals.

Coincidence is hardly proof of heresy or collusion with heretics.

That the Khanid have idiosyncratic martial traditions does not seem much of an indictment.

A lot of people are complicit in both that as well as Chakaid’s rise to power itself.

After so many times… it’s less likely to be a coincidence.

Is the wearing of corpses some Khanid tradition? Sounds more like a twisted blood fantasy to me.

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No, that is the actions of a lunatic. No true and faithful Khanid would dare wear any part of a human.


It might be. My time among the Khanid has given me the impression some of them can be overzealous in their behaviour. Zealotry however, is not a crime.

However, my concern is not that it is new that the Kingdom has detractors, for example:

But rather the nature of such unsubstantiated claims towards the Kingdom. I see there pernicious lies about Khanid without proof or evidence to back it up. That Khanid had selected a Blood Raider champion or the even more outrageous conception that Garkeh Khanid II (Peace be upon him) is a clone. The only evidence I see among the detractors of the Kingdom are those who became so deranged that they consort with Matari apostates and terrorists in order to attack the faithful of Khanid! It is really quite sickening to me when such blackguards accuse those of evil who have done none in order to hide their own crimes and heresies.

There is a rot festering in the Empire, and I am afraid it has nothing to do with the Cardinal-Duke Chakaid and everything to do with those who collaborate with foreign Matari terrorists and apostates.

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Chakaid selected Edeity as one of the Red King’s potential champions. Edeity is an individual who claims Omir to be his lord. His status as a Blooder is neither new nor secret.

But really, if all the mountains of evidence against Chakaid and his king aren’t enough to persuade you, it’s almost certain that nothing is.

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I can honestly say that I have never seen Omir Sarikusa and Alar Chakaid in the same place at the same time.

I have never seen Alar Chakaid attend any sermon at which I was also present either.

So, I can truthfully say that I have no idea what religion (if any), Alar Chakaid is a member of.

His non-presence at your heresy does not indicate that Chakaid is not a Blooder.


This is a foolish thing to debate in public at this point.

Get back to your duties and indulge not in idle sniping and circular argumentation.


This has been another edition of ‘simple answers to patently obvious questions’.


I see little evidence, and plenty of unsubstantiated hearsay and allegations.

Fine. Enjoy being a Khanid pet.


I have given my earth and water to the Crown. For all intents and purposes I am a dog of war in service to King Khanid III.

Why ask the question if you’ve already decided on the answer?


Psywar, bro.

Asking questions you had no intention of asking genuinely, is a form of fishing, to draw out people with strong opinions on the subject, enabling you to spot who might be a potential problem, and who might be a potential asset.

Also to annoy Arsia, who gets adorably flustered when annoyed. Say just the right things, and she’ll actually stamp her foot and flounce.

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that’s so adorable!

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Because I was curious if there was any actual evidence of the Cardinal-Duke being a Blooder. So far, the only “evidence” presented was that Blood Raiders attacked the supposed enemies of the Cardinal-Duke. This is no proof of collusion, far from it. In fact, the Blood Raiders are well known for their subversive tactics – seeking to frame an otherwise innocent man as being associated with them is useful to their heretical agenda as it reduces faith in the strength of the Imperial system and ministries.

My faith however remains unbroken, and I refuse to fall for the chicanery of heretics who would seek to implicate a good man in their abominable practices.

When the same things happen over and over and over again it not a coincidence, it’s a pattern.

Yes, they are, which means that nobody is beyond suspicion. And the good Duke-whatever-the-hell-he-is-the-Duke-of-now does absolutely nothing to ward these suspicions off, unless you count his laughable attempts at deflection as such. Perhaps we have different views on the destiny of Amarr, but I believe a man without the tiniest shred of compassion, mercy or humility in him is not that destiny. That’s generously assuming he isn’t a Blooder maniac, of course, but in either case calling him a “good man” isn’t even a stretch, it’s delusion.

We had a literal Blooder as the Court Chamberlain once, and he did a far better job of concealing it. Was this not an explicit enough lesson from God to trust, but verify? As you have said earlier yourself, there is rot festering in the Empire. However, rot always comes from within. Blame foreigners all you wish, but the Blooders are an abomination of Amarr origin, a twisted reflection and an ever-present reminder of the enemy within that’s always been and always will be.

Vigilance is no heresy. Blind obedience is no virtue. Faith that goes untested is complacency.