Haemothaumaturgy - a test. Orlon Zashev and Alar Chakaid take note

As some of you already know, I have invoked the power of haemothaumaturgy, or “blood magic”, on two occasions, and much to my surprise, it appeared to have had an effect.
Once is coincidence, twice is suspicious.

So, in an effort to determine whether this ancient Takmahl mumbo jumbo actually does have an effect, I have decided to invoke it again. After discussion with several other capsuleers, including @Arsia_Elkin and @Aldrith_Shutaq , I have selected three test subjects.

These subjects are @Alar_Chakaid, @Orlon_Zashev, and King Farokh Khanid.

I hereby invoke the power of Haemothaumaturgy, and call upon the Sefrim to:

Inflict a plague of boils on Orlon Zashev, notorious slaver scoundrel and miscreant.

Inflict an embarrassing rash on Alar Chakaid, notorious malcontent and schemer.

Inflict terrible flatulence upon King Farokh Khanid, rogue monarch of the Khanid region.

If these three are afflicted thus, then I, for one, would consider it God’s judgement on them.

Dr. V. Valate, Professor of Archaeology and Daemonology, Kaztropolis University.


How will you ever know if these afflictions occur? I doubt they’d share the development of these maladies with you.

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Cursing a gasbag with gas seems counterproductive. How will you know if the gas is natural or due to the curse?


Did you really have to mention our names?

This is what you get for humoring them, Arsia.


Just ignore the nonsense.

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Simple. Alar Chakaid would mention me specifically in his rants, and become extremely irritable if asked if he’s feeling itchy.

Then it is your due diligence to mail him daily about his skin. Also if you ever see him in space, check up on him.

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I shall be performing counterspells in order to defend these personages against Lady Valate’s magickal attacks. As I no longer perform blood rites, it is at least possible my alternative spells will lack the necessary potency; I shall attempt to make up for this with quantity (I have hundreds of thousands of Freed Slaves and will train some of them to perform the magic).

So… Is there a certain time you all get together for this? Also I wouldn’t have imagined Nauplius roleplaying as a magic caster. Or even invited to play, all things considered.

Oh please, don’t blame me just because I smiled and nodded at the crazy person.


There is great power in your smile, Lady Arsia.

If I was in a better mood, I’d totally spin this as “Lord Consort Aldirth Shutaq Newelle invokes Blood Magic to kill Khanid King!”

But putting it that way, it’s not even funny. It’s terrible.

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I got a pretty good laugh reading that sentence aloud


Well, hopefully it doesn’t literally harm people, Baracca.

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I’ve always found it quite the opposite, my lady!

Oh Gods, will you two get a room? Quit inflating her ego, Baracca.

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Ordinarily, the ravings of Sani Sabik cultists and Blooder heretics would be beneath me but a loyal servant of Amarr notified me of the participation of two Praetoria officers in vile blood rites and grotesque evil.

I was shocked, naturally, and could hardly believe it.

Yet behold! Here we see a public admission of consorting with hexers and soliciting blood witchery!

Disturbing is not the least of it, but as I think on it, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Sarumites are involved in this heretical blood ritual. After all, there has always been, let us say, the waft of blooder tendencies among the sleazier element in the Sarum holdings.

Naturally, I have reported this disturbing and open heresy to the proper authorities.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III

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How’s your skin, Alar ?


Uhg. See?

How scandalous.

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