I have been ill

Dearest all. I have been ill.

Myt guts have met enemy of epic scale. While i have been able to act in general, even work on my planetary duties. Wet ■■■■ has poured like after of powerful hex and so one. I have not have been energy of galactic ambitions.

I ativate in future when my guts are rid of demons conjured by Xhjfx of the CVA by no doubt.

Iam alive, God bless.
Iam ill. God cure me.
Im still loyal to the Amarr! God and Amarr Victor!

To make it clear to all. I have not surrendered to any of you.

I will strike back with interests if my beloved friends are hurt. These galactic ambitions require the energy i have not have had in past had have.

Much as I dislike you, that’s rough for anyone. I wouldn’t wish that kind of illness on my worst enemy, and you’re not even my worst enemy, so…

Get well soon, &c.

Too much ostrich milk will do that to anyone.


Your posts are much missed here, Vaari. Wishing you a speedy recovery so that we can see more of what you and Imperial Pharmacy are up to.

If you’re feeling especially ill, I believe that Poteque has a few stations in the Empire if you’re in need of a pharmacy. Perhaps they have something that can help!

I heard the ostrich was sick.


We will miss hearing your many titles recited in out in public Vaari that was always a great pleasure , with God speed get well soon .

You could have spared us the gory details, Vaari.

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