How are we all doing?

Hello, pilots!

It’s been quite the time of late. I can’t help but wonder: what’s the sentiment right now?


Depends really, Ms. Priano. regarding you, or in general?

Sass aside, things are, generally, quite in a strange state of affairs in many places.

Hey Mak. Pretty exhausted actually.

The Empires are burning, Delve is at war, and the so called “Pirates” Of our good cluster are doing more for the people of the State then the Mega’s that run it.

Aside from that it’s good to see a friendly face again.


Joy for the opportunity to experience… move arms around all this.

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Well my back aches, my pod doesnt fit right any more i cant remember which hanger i left my Gila in and kids these days just dont understand how hard it was in my day.
~nurse leads him back to his room~



Triglavians have me running around the center of the cluster, playing whack-a-mole.


How can anyone be happy when our cluster’s last, best hope — Lord Alar Chakaid — remains in unjust captivity?

Honestly, this is probabely the best news we’ve had.


I’m fine. How are you?

Really good, thanks!

Things are working out for me, things aren’t working out for the people I don’t like…

Yeah, can’t complain!


Lost a couple of hecate in this period but, so far, evrything is ok

While the tempo has been rapid, it has also been quite stable for a while; invasions continue, and yet the mysteries behind the origins and true goals of the Collective continue to elude us.

We’ll see what happens next rather soon, I’d imagine.

My side won a war (it almost feels as if we won by accident in Providence). My side is winning a different war. It’s tiring, but I’m proud of what I’ve helped accomplish.

Triglavian situation has stabilized to a currently seemingly unwinnable war of attrition but one hopes there are things on the move in the background that makes it winnable in the end. This is not a new feeling.

International politics got weird af and all rules are out of the window.

Personally I’m tired but my private life is… acceptable.


Kakakela hasn’t been invaded yet, I think… looks outside …nope no Triglavians, so I’m doing alright, despite the state of Caldari territory. I have resumed my standard duties of patrolling for pirates and helping SWA trainees.


Intaki still has no replacement security franchisee (frustrating), the traditional alignment of The Big 8 is all up in the air (confusing) and the new President appears to have done… nothing in her first quarter in office (baffling).


I’ve been better.

feelin’ fine.

Yup… that’s my alibi, and I want my lawyer.

The cluster is moving, events unfolds and as every organisms, factions try to thrive.

The stars are still beautiful.

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