Alar Chakaid's "Black Daggers" and possible countermeasures

So. The Great Butte Alar Chakaid has threatened to release “93,000 Black Daggers” upon the denizens of Floseswin.

And there are rumours of “Giant Black Hounds” attacking Republic forces in the area near Chakaid’s Fortress of Asininity in the city of Jolan Kraal.

I suggest that these things are related, and the “daggers” are not literal black daggers, the ceremonial knives used to condemn criminals and the like, but are instead a reference to these giant black hounds.

So, these hellhounds, whatever they may be, some monstrous cybernetically or genetically enhanced slaver hound perhaps, or worse, an actual daemonic entity summoned from the Immaterium by Chakaid’s occult shenanigans, are indeed A Problem.

A problem to which I may have a solution. As many of you people may know, baking is one of my talents, one that occasionally makes its way into my sermons - the Cake of Lies, the Grain of Truth, and so on. Anyway, that’s not important right now.

What is important, is that I am possession of a secret recipe, handed down by generations of my family, and, in the interests of thwarting a daemonic incursion by hellhounds of the Immaterium, would be prepared to offer assistance to the relevant authorities in containing this outbreak of savage hounds.

That is to say, I am prepared to offer a licence to produce Dr. Valate’s Patent Dog Biscuits, for the duration of the Floseswin Emergency.

@Kril_Efrit ,as some kind of official in charge of Republic planet security, I notify you of this offer, that you may pass it along to the relevant authorities.


Dr. V. Valate, Master Baker, YC 84 U-21 Delve Baking Champion.


Your concerns are misplaced. Demons summoned by so righteous, so holy, and so wise a person as Cardinal Duke Chakaid remain fully bound to his will, and will do battle only against the enemies of God.

Are you an enemy of God?

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