A Question for the Chapter Master

@Gaven_Lok_ri: In the past, when members of PIE have repeatedly broken protocol, you have not been at all hesitant to call them out on it, and admonish them, even in public. It’s my understanding the PIE are not allowed to use pirate implants.

No asklepians. No halos. And, of course, PIElots should never use amulets.

Every pod, for at least a year, stuffed full of them. And before that? Well, we all know who Zor is, don’t we? Maybe some don’t. It’s a mystery! Maybe? No?

Really, now. This is getting a little ridiculous. Don’t you think? I mean, come on. Just how long has this been going on? In fact… nearly every pod he’s lost since joining PIE has had at least one pirate implant.

How many haven’t?

Just the very first one.

But hey, it’s not like there’s been this big discussion about how following the rules and adhering to one’s given word is at all important to PIE or to the Amarr in general, right?


Thank you for involving yourself in an ongoing internal debate about the said implants, Arrendis.

I am certain your input will add a valuable contribution to the discussion.

If we gave a damn about it.


Oh, it’s not about the implants, Aldrith. I normally fly around with a few billion in my head.

It’s about you, and whether or not you honor your obligations, or if you’re a liar and a cheat. At least I’m not pointing out that ever since you started sucking up to Chakaid, you’ve been using Blooder implants, though. That might give the impression you’re secretly one of them, or something. So at least that’s not going on!

Oh, wait.


Your repeated attempts to get Paladin Newelle in trouble with PIE Command are transparent and pathetic.


And your constant insistence on never so much as publicly disapproving of his words or actions puts the lie to your claims in other discussions, Gaven. Thank you for showing your truth.

First, anyone listening to Arrendis might want to actually read the publicly available document that says what Praetorians agree to when they join the corporation.

Second, when those rules are broken, as does indeed happen from time to time, disciplinary matters are primarily handled internally rather than externally.


Tell that to Samira Kernher.

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And what particular incident are you referring to there?

Because the ones I remember being handled publicly involved her managing to get reprimanded by an MIO Grand Inquisitor and PIEs reaction after she took credit for a terrorist attack. Both of which were rather exceptional events.


I cannot obviously know how much private reprimanding there has been in addition to the public stuff. I am not sure the ratio changes my argument, though.

I used the word “primarily” rather than “exclusively” for a reason.

Well, I apologize for my misunderstanding, then. Just seemed an odd statement for a while, there.

I suppose these things always look different from the inside.

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To be fair, it’s hard not to support the criminal underworld in some way, shape, or fashion. Implants, Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, weaponry and modules… They can all be sourced from nefarious means merely by buying them on the free market.

The real issue is how honest one is being in saying that they don’t support these organizations. This comes down primarily to intent (as with most things). That in mind, Amulets can only be sourced from the Covenant (or Nation, in previous models). One way or another, tacit support in some fashion is going to the Sani-Sabik. So, while the implants themselves may not be in PIE’s creed, the “I will abhor the heretic” bit is apparently open to interpretation with limited exceptions.

Which, there is nothing inherently wrong with… save owning to it. I use illicit implants myself. I don’t try to cloak all of my doings as good, in an honorable light, or respecting of Federation/Republic laws.

The Chapter Master made no effort to distance himself from anything pertaining to the implants, I believe I can simplify his point for you “No rules were broken, not that it’s the business of outsiders”.

In your haste to simplify the Chapter Master’s point, you completely missed mine. That’s fine. I expect as much from a glorified mercenary.

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Everything before your final sentence was pontificating verbiage, and had no point of any substance to address.
In the sentence I addressed you claim that the problem with use of technology developed by heretics is failing to own up to it. Which clearly was done, so you are partially correct. I fail to see your point.

And were my opinion any higher of you, I’d bother expanding on it in a way you could understand.

It’s not.


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