Haemothaumaturgy - a test. Orlon Zashev and Alar Chakaid take note

Oh, shut up, Derp-Duke. Honestly, now you’re sinking to the incompetence-levels of your captive minion. How long before we’re bidding with bounty hunters on your rear?

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See, Alar, the thing is, that all Aldrith and Arsia did, was be in the same CRC-operated capsuleer communication channel as I was.

If that counts as “consorting”, well, by participating in my thread here on the IGS, you are now “consorting” with me as well.

So, are you going to punish yourself for this ?


Your blood magic was clearly successful in plaguing the individuals in question, Doctor. The specific manifestations of the malady are not important. As for the Prophet’s efforts to thwart you, I do not believe they were entirely ineffectual. I reference Theurgical Vector Field Theory. Your effort and his counter would result in an individual targeted by you both suffering some ill effect.

I note that a certain CONCORD officer has suffered a change in the chain of command.

You have Power. With that Power comes a duty to use it wisely.

Tangent: I believe that you are owed a portion of that bounty insofar as the hooligan was apprehended within mere moments of your curse.

Too late. My prize pool also covers the capture of Chakaid.

And if we won’t win the Zashev bid, it’s gonna be a pretty nice sum.

You should credit the Doctor for her pioneering work in hexology.

Tangentially, you’ve changed your look, haven’t you? This is a good one.

Oh, on the official photo? I decided the ‘let the cluster burn’ background had outlived its purpose.


The new colors work better.

The big problem is that I have this weird vision of Naupilus dancing round a pile of datastreams naked …


I see you were just as careful with your post here as you were with the nomination of a well-known blooder as a potential Champion for your king.

It’s a bad idea to throw stones from your glass house there, Chakaid.
You nominated a blooder to the Succession Trials.
The recent blooder attacks seem to nearly always hit places relevant to those you dislike.

I was simply connected to a public channel at the same time as another individual.

The more you babble on, the sooner you’ll slip up and accidentally let the truth out.
Don’t throw stones.

If anything, you should submit a formal apology to me and disappear.


Despite the best efforts of @Kithrus and @Graelyn, I still don’t fully grasp the subtleties of Amarr rankings, so this might be wrong, but doesn’t he outrank you?

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Accusing someone incorrectly of heresy, particularly off of the misinterpretation of what a Sani Sabik said on IGS, generally merits an apology from those of higher rank. If it’s a lower rank doing it, it generally also merits some form of punishment in addition to the apology.

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As he’s not her liege lord and she’s not in his demesne, no, not really. Socially perhaps Lord Chakaid might be a little higher as a count, but Dame Captain Arsia is of an Amarr Prime noble house, so the gap is not particularly great.


could you like maybe possibly stop giving us such a bad name or making us look so silly? i mean napkins kinda already did enough of that the past few years hey




I’m sure many are bidding for your health here. It sure would be horrible to have one’s health held hostage due to the rants of some lunatic on the IGS. If you’re feeling under the weather, we have some facilities that would help any faithful man get back to singing like a nightingale in no time.
As usual, the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order will be glad to make sure reports of open heresy make their way to the proper authorities.

May you have the honour to continue to be, Alar.

In faith,

Admiral of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris,
Paladin Commander of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order,
hon. Fabricator-General of the Imperial Navy


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