Per Sanguis Ad Astra

I viewed the recent news of the attack on Matar with disappointment and send my sympathies to all those affected. The Minmatar have always been a plucky people who share a common enemy: the Amarr Empire.

However, Bloody Omir has drawn his blood bath, now he must soak in it.

You are all being challenged. Ever since he took the Blood Raider Covenant away from it’s previous theological foundations to the acquisition of ‘pure’ clone blood, Bloody Omir has challenged what he sees as the dominant group in the cluster. You.

Everyone can point to how Chakaid is benefiting from the attacks. That just shows him to be opportunistic. If any of you think for a moment that Bloody Omir is letting some lowly Khanid count direct massive amounts of Covenant war material and personnel, you are a fool. The Sani philosophy doesn’t allow for hidden powers and secret manipulation. The strong rule.

King Khanid and Chakaid might very well be Sanists (though I doubt it). If they are, however, they would be a threat to Omir, not an ally.

High Exorcist Sanguina Dieudonne, Ordo Sani Calix
Sani Sabik Bleeder.


ate a ■■■■ u dixena u shix on a toaste


Hm. If there’s one thing I credit the Sabik with understanding, it’s power. (Understanding absolutely anything else, not so much, but you do seem to get power.) So as a Sabik savant, presumably, yourself, there’s no way you actually subscribe to such a limited notion of what “power,” or, as you might put it, “strength” is.

Letting us think you do, on the other hand. . . .

So, to be clear for others because this person almost definitely isn’t as limited as she’s pretending: power/strength is a tool kit. Anything you can put in your tool kit-- what you can do– is power/strength. That very much includes such “soft” tools as charisma, manipulation, and powers of persuasion, or tools more conventional folk might consider cowardly, such as stealth and treachery.

In other words, if you can be the power behind the throne and set a catspaw up as the “ruler,” yet still remain firmly in charge, that’s far from a bad play as long as you can make it work. Likewise, allies-- however temporary-- are kind of a necessity unless you can fight the whole world at once and win. Knowing how to play diplomatic games, knowing how far to use someone while also sensing when and how to turn on them for maximum benefit, is also a substantial form of power.

No Sabik of rank is likely not to know this.

Are you maybe looking to earn favors from your peers by throwing people off the scent, Ms. Dieudonne?

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If Omir wanted to give me a Dagon or a Molok, I wouldn’t object.

I just have to say, I LOVE how Sani philosophy explains their own incompetence. Because Sani simply lack strength to rule over anything. Amarr Empire does rule. Sani hide in their tiny hideholes like shabby rats, backstabbing their betters, and being hunted down like ducks and slaughtered as defenseless cattle. These fanatics drop like flies when caught by Imperial Navy or Caldari Navy. It’s the weakest of pirate groups I’ve ever encountered - and I’ve encountered many. The only thing they could achieve is to bleed some mishap defenseless civvies for their sick perverted rituals, that’s all.

They’re just not born to rule.


Name one other criminal group that has successfully bombed Matar, killing thousands.

Ok, apart from the Amarr Empire itself.


I hereby vow to avenge all who perished and surely, by the power of Grayskull I will emerge victorious.

Praetorian Maxwell Factor, defender of Odatrik and chief minister of Aesthetics to the triple-breasted Queen of the independent moon state of Ivar V has tasked me with bringing back the head of the perpetrator, and presenting it to the aforementioned extra-breasted monarch upon a tritanium trivet.

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Mortlake, are you a Capsuleer or has the Summit finally gained sentience and is rising up against us?


I assumed it was a bot spewing common IGS and GalNet buzzwords.


To be entirely fair, I don’t think anyone thinks that was accomplished without a lot of help in many different places.

Omir can’t even throw the Goons out of his supposed domain. He’s a weak opportunist feeding on the blood of those who are born stronger than him.

I’m sure the Matari will rise up to the challenge and beat him into bloody pulp.


Like that would be a sign of competence, more like slapping table and screaming in impotent rage. Did they destroy any significant asset, or again killed innocent defenseless civvies? Did they manage to steal something or acquire any profit?

You, you have your own Angel Cartel in the Republic, that’s way more efficient organization. They penetrate your society, they pretend to be just “businessmen”, while doing all sort of illegal stuff, drug trading, slavery, extortion, etc etc. Heck, at one point of time they even captured whole planet. How is that compared to primitive bombings?..

No, really, if others don’t bomb Matar, it doesn’t mean they can’t, most likely they simply don’t need that.

Ret Gloriaxx:
The coastal zone of the Mikramurka continent is reported to have been saturated with “Deathglow” missiles, particularly at key locations such as the bustling and popular seaport and resort of Sundsele. Casualty reports are suggesting several thousand dead and injured at least.

So, yea, they just killed thousands of completely unrelated people, among them my clan Chief. An entire Voluval class for midsummer YC121 is still reported missing. Maybe if you for once paid some ■■■■■■■ attention to what is going on instead of just spewing the same inane propaganda from some imaginary Caldariland in your head, you’d be taken more seriously.



Every time I read a post from Kim, I feel like killing a Caldari. Sometimes I do.

I have been wondering why the Blood Raider Covenant targeted youth.

I seriously doubt The Blood Raiders reverted their theology, which would readily explain targeting the young. So, we can discount that.

I suppose for slaves, younger is better, to a certain point. Teenagers are generally self-sufficient, not needing direct care, just supervision. However, a 13 year old is going to be less productive than a 19 year old. Though, such targeting is a lot of effort for not a lot of gain. Sweeping up everyone in an area generally works better and faster.

However, I wonder if Elsebeth has stumbled onto something: the lack of Voluval. I cannot for the life of me figure out why that might matter. However, it might matter.

I have a few theories, but all of them are based on incomplete information. Can some Matari please enlighten me on the Voluval and if it can be used as an identifying mark?

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Not alone, Marks repeat a lot. Combined with naming tattoos, sure. An adult with adult’s ink is uniquely identifiable by their skin. “Unmarked youth” is not an expression for nothing.

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So, the one piece of this whole thing that doesn’t fit is the suicide attack on Elkin’s estate. Self-immolation is not really Sani. (Self-sacrifice at all really, excepting in the Fed, but let’s not talk about them right now.)

I’m likely to assume it was just Chakaid with some TCMCed slaves with some kind of incendiary implanted in them. I’m also assuming that the Blood Raiders had nothing to do with that attack.

But what if they did? (Not that I blame them. In my short conversation with Arsia Elkin, she reminded me of a Amarrian version of Diana Kim.)

For the purposes of context, this “conversation” started with her bragging to no one in particular on the Summit about selling baseliners to the Covenant. Of course it was going to be hostile.


Well I was certainly not going to sell my prisoners to you.

Never asked you to.

What about if Ordinary Pilot Elkin was willing to pay more than the Covenant?
Factoring in shipping costs of course.