To My Minmatar Cousins

By now you all will have read in the news that the virtuous House Sarum announced a new Reclaiming in the warzone. For decades, you have been fed lies about the Amarr Empire to make you afraid. Phrases like ‘The Day of Darkness’ and ‘Never Again the Long Night’ are designed to instill fear in the Minmatar people to keep them from the Holy Amarr Empire. Your rulers make you live in poverty, in disease, in squalor so they can remain in power.

The Holy Amarr Empire seeks to Reclaim all the peoples in all the stars, to make them great and faithful. When they started to Reclaim the Minmatar, they threw down the venal, selfish, self-appointed rulers of the Tribes in order to enlighten the Minmatar directly. This clique of bitter Minmatar ex-rulers plotted for centuries to regain control, no matter what it might cost the Minmatar people.

The Minmatar in the Empire are provided for, given room and board, given honest work. Children are educated, rather than being left to die from diseases easily preventable in all the other empires of New Eden. Minmatar in the Empire have a valued place in society. Minmatar in the ‘Tribal Republic’—really a solipsistic despotism—are ignored and trampled on.

So, my cousins in the Tribes, do not be afraid when the Amarr come to take you to a better life and a better place. The ‘Day of Darkness’ is the one you are living in, right now. The Holy Amarr Empire, and the virtuous House Sarum seek only to bring you to the light.

Sadahti, Handmaiden to Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum

I would like to thank my Mistress for her generosity in allowing me access to her NeoCom to send this message to my cousins living in Darkness. When I heard the glorious news of the new Reclaiming, I wanted to help in what little way I could. Easing the doubts of my lost cousins this way seemed to be the best way a lowly woman like myself could contribute.



As your Amarr masters, you are clearly a victim of brainwashing. Your masters lie, and may all the galaxy know it as they already do!

Our people suffer in chains amongst you! We are NOT provided for with anything but the most basic necessities, given only at the whim of vile and spoiled overlords who by all accounts should stand aside us as equals, if not lessers. The average slave toils their entire life away on farms and in mines, never enjoying even a fraction of the luxury the more fortunate slaves enjoy, and “fortunate” is a very broad term here.

The Off-topic thread has gone into disturbing detail already about “breeding” facilities where our treasured sisters suffer eternally in a life of rape and bodily servitude. These are all facts, well documented, and easily found by anyone whose neocom use is not restricted by a “generous” mistress.

And now the Empire seek to subjugate our people who have lived free, full lives, to nothing more then a life of slavery beneath them. Do you know who else provides room, board, and work? The Republic, the Federation, even the State all provide without asking for the complete yielding of your rights to freedom and choice.

The only reason you are even capable of writing such a blatantly misinformed piece of propaganda is because you where raised to know nothing but the word of your Amarr overlords. You know nothing they do not want you to know!

Well, some of us know. Our place is not to serve at the boots of the Amarr. Our place to ascend, besides, and then above them. We will forge a society where all can pursue equal happiness, unfettered by vile ancient religions or irrelevant bloodlines.

Do you understand what you are? You are a prize poodle, spoiled and prettied up to make the rest of the galaxy think slavery is not as bad as it seems. That really, we’re quite happy in servitude.
It’s so easy to overlook the magnitude of the crime, of raising a Human soul to see themselves as nothing but property from birth so that they are happy with it, when that soul appears to be smiling.

You get spoiled so that the galaxy will look away from the endless masses who toil in dark corners with barely anything that can be called a life.

Pitiable thing. One day, you and your offspring will also be free. Then you won’t have to ask your mistress for “generous” permission to send messages.

Just like every other soul in the galaxy.


I will simply quote my Clanswoman on this matter, and CONCORD’s official files:

Given what apparently constitutes ‘a better life and a better place’… you can take your ‘room and board’ and ‘honest work’, and shove it up your mistress’s ass.

On second thought, Mitty doesn’t peddle bullshittery like what you’ve got going here. I can only assume you’ve been listening to Aldrith too much. So shove it up his.


Honestly, I threw up in my mouth a little while reading that.


The average slave fills a lot more positions than that. But yes, there are different tiers of privileges given, and for some it is absolutely awful conditions.

I doubt she asked. More likely she was encouraged – or ordered – to post here to push the message Lady Newelle wants to send. I doubt Lady Newelle allows her to browse the IGS freely.


This. There is no point engaging. She is too brainwashed to listen to us ( and really, is the IGS the best forum for de-radicalization?) and frankly, the chances that Newelle would let her read anything that actually goes against the ‘narrative’ approaches absolute zero.

The funny thing is, you’re both right and also both wrong.

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I wish to address a few points. The first is that I do have occasional access to a NeoCom and have been on capsuleer channels as part of my duties serving Lady Newelle. Secondly, the times that I have been browsing the IGS or on capsuleer channels, I have not been constrained by my Mistress in what I hear or see. Quite the contrary: I am all too familiar with the lies and filth that come out of the mouths of heathens, heretics, infidels, apostates, and the unborn with regards to their opinions of Holy Amarr. Quite a few times I have been tasked with keeping pace with a certain topic or person that is of interest to my Mistress, and to ensure that my duties to her are carried out to the best of my abilities, she has never declared sections of the IGS forbidden.

Finally, these words are my own. My Mistress did not need to encourage me to write this message. Part of being a faithful Amarr, loyal to God, Empress, and Holder is that I seek to do what is righteous of my own accord. I did ask my Mistress to look over my message before uploading it, because as a Minmatar in the process of being Reclaimed, I know that my understanding of righteousness is incomplete. It is my Holder that guides me.


I’m pretty sure Mitara isn’t an idiot. So, if this posting was done off her bat, then there’s some angle to it.


This is about the biggest pile of pure steaming crap I’ve seen on the IGS in a very long while and that, pilots, is saying something with the amount of crap that gets dumped on this channel on a regular basis.

To our little slaver mouthpiece in training I say only this; if the Republic were really so terrible as you pretend it is why in the hell would people like me have moved from lives of safety and comfort in other empires in order to live there? Who in their right mind would fight for the right for such a horrid place to exist? Surely you can’t believe that billions of sane, sentient beings would willfully subject themselves to living in such conditions without revolting?

Funny that I don’t see or read about mass revolts by the poor brainwashed and downtrodden masses of self-deluded heathen Matari. I guess that’s because your narrative is pure ■■■■■■■■.

Also, not to doubt you Samira but why would Newelle need to hide behind a shill? She’s proven herself more than capable of spreading slaver ■■■■■■■■ on her own. What would be her angle?


Being a cynic? Good PR.

Imagine promoting the House Sarum pledge to complete ‘labour acquisitions’ as an Amarr Holder and how that would go down with the non-capsuleer community.

Now imagine that same promotion using the same words but out of the mouth of a Minmatar undergoing Reclamation. You may not be inspired to join the faith but, should the slaver ships come, you might be inspired to join the retinue of House Newelle as they seem to treat their slaves better…

I’m sure Sadahti sincerely believes what they say but a cynic wouldn’t be surprised if encouraging Sadahti was a very intelligent tactic of Lady Newelle.


Because they don’t have me to do it anymore. Because having a ‘pro-slavery slave’ validates the position considerably more than another Holder saying it. Because if it had been my Holder that’d have been the only reason to allow it.

Though, admittedly, I had forgotten which one of Lady Newelle’s servants Sahdati was. She has occasionally been on capsuleer channels before.


This is quite a populist assertion – the notion of division between elites and a collective majority under a system of national sovereignty. Is there any evidence such divisions exist, or that inequalities in power or income are a contributing factor to social unrest in the Minmatar Republic at present?

Because if you are going to disseminate propaganda it should at least be based on some semblance of truth, not prejudice, for it to be effective in convincing the target audience.

Otherwise it’s ineffective, and the question becomes: why post at all?


I can give Amarrian religious/nationalist rhetoric one compliment… it never strays from it’s base message.

Subjugation of those deemed “lesser.”


The sad thing is, i know at least one society where this is actually the case…

At least four current, and most that have ever been.

So far, this post and the responses to it have been eye-opening for me.
Isha Vuld is the first person to compare me to a dog. In my thirty-three years of life, I have never before been compared to a dog.
Samira Kernher all but called me a liar. Cain Aloga viewed me as brainwashed, because there is no way I could reject his viewpoints otherwise. Yet, in his mind, I am the radical.

Mr. Hevaima Gesakaarin accused me of writing propaganda. I only write what I believe to be true. The Minmatar Tribal Republic has the highest rate of suicide anywhere. Rather than spending money to improve the lives of their people, the despotic Shakor decided to use it to build weapons of war to attack the Holy Amarr Empire. Before he attacked us, he murdered the previous government. Later, he attacked his ally, the Gallente Federation at Colelie. Even now he is a dictator, because of an ‘emergency.’

Every ISK spent on a warfleet is a an ISK that is not spent on food for a child. Every cruiser could be a medical center. For over a century, the Holy Amarr Empire tried to keep a peaceful relationship with the Minmatar Republic. But Shakor wanted power, so he manufactured a war. The lies keep coming, to make the Minmatar live in fear.

Saint Jamyl I preached a message of hope when she was the Empress. Empress Catiz I also preaches hope and progress, moving the Empire forward. The Minmatar people deserve a leader who will give them home, who will help them to live better lives, even if they cannot see it now. Lord Sarum knows this, which is why, even now, the valorous House Sarum is moving to Reclaim my lost cousins, so they can live in the Light of the Lord.


I would again recommend that this thread not be engaged with. There is no point.

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Ms. Alland,

Thank you for your perspective! The forum was filled with a lot of opinions how slavery is bad, how terrible it is, what happens there. Bringing same breeding facilities, bringing murders of slaves by Mr. Nauplius, etc, etc, ad nauseum. I am happy that you found your place in the Empire, and that you actually brought to us other side of a medal, so we can see and hear what actual slaves in the Empire think and feel.

It’s clear for me now, that slavery by itself is not an inherently evil concept (still, I consider it not really efficient or safe to implement or support it) and it depends on people who run it. Under good general, soldiers will be well fed and trained, ready to fight, under bad general, soldiers will be weak if not dead alraedy. There are good and bad holders, and I believe that people who object against slavery in a violent way should instead turn their eyes on those, who actually commit atrocities and mistreats slaves, rather than everone associated with it.

As I believe, you are one of the many slaves in the Empire, who shall be protected from tribals who would want to “liberate” you by force, and I really hope you will never see these violent fanatics and bandits landing on your planet!

But may I actually ask you, what is your opinion on generational slavery?


But not in the right way.

Lucky. Not every slave gets the same luxury.

Because a slave being allowed to interact with the outside in this capacity is incredibly nontraditional and only makes sense if it is serving the Holder’s purposes. Functionally, it doesn’t even matter if you asked or if she ordered or encouraged it. Lady Newelle would only have approved if it is a message she already wants sent – had you asked to post something she did not agree with, permission would not have been granted.

Furthermore, your beliefs are according to what Lady Newelle has taught you to believe. The points made are, largely, false, and come from a place of enforced ignorance that is largely irrelevant to respond to – you’re looking to preach, not learn.

But, if you want a real response, then so be it.

Poverty, disease, and squalor exist in all nations. Including Amarr, and including for slaves. And wealth inequality, where the powerful live in luxury while the weak live in squalor, is far greater in the Empire than it is in the Republic.

A description that also works for many Amarrian rulers.

Again, a description that applies to Amarr’s rulers as well, who care more about their power and authority than about the people under their care.

Provided for and given food and board, and work, yes, this is true. Slavery is the safety net in the Empire. But while we gain in these things, we lose in other places.

Education is a different story. In fact, people in the Republic are more likely to get education than slaves. Some slaves get an education. I received an education. Others do not. It depends on the status of the slave and what occupation they are expected to pursue.

Minmatar do not have a valued place in Amarr society. Minmatar are slaves because they are being punished for the sins of their bloodline. Had they a valued place in Amarr society, they would not be slaves. That is the point of slavery. This is core Imperial dogma.

This description explains the lot of slaves far more than it does Minmatar in the Republic. While the Republic has problems, the power dynamics inherent in slavery make it far more common and far more severe in the Empire. See Kahah, and Arzad, and Nauplius, and the Holders who sold slaves to Sansha’s Nation, and the breeding centers, and the Theology Council’s past rulings against slave abuse.

Jamyl defied Shathol’Syn.

Empress Catiz I is a lipserver from a lipserver house, who cares more about advancing her own wealth over upholding the faith. “Moving the Empire forward” for her means moving it away from the faith, which will only exacerbate the corruption and greed that is plaguing Imperial rulership.

The Empire needs to clean our own house before we can think about being able to help other people towards better lives. That is the error with this message. The Republic absolutely has problems. But so does the Empire. There is no black and white reality where the Empire is an absolute good and the Republic an absolute evil. We have our own sins, and should not be casting stones from a glass house.

Lord Sarum is violating interstellar law that Amarr is party to.

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