Sedevacantist Church Response to Sanmatar Shakor's Terrorist Amnesty

In response to Sanmatar Skakor’s outrageous amnesty for the Bloody Hand of the Matar and on the advise of Nauplius, Doctor of the Faith and by order of his brother Clytoneus, Bishop, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist hereby activates its Strategic Collective Punishment Reserve meant for deterring and responding to Minmatar atrocities. 50,000 slaves, all of the Minmatar and bearing the SCC status of “Freed Slaves” — a status not recognized by the Church — have been so affected. Should Sanmatar Shakor fail to reverse his amnesty of the Bloody Hand of Matar within three days of this posting, Strategic Collective Punishment of these Minmatar will commence. Strategic Collective Punishment is expected to be 100% fatal.

Sedevacantist faithful living in Gallentean and Guristas space are advised to avoid unauthorized reprisals against the Minmatar people, lest the Church suffer additional persecutions, and instead trust that the Church through its Strategic Collective Punishment Reserve will make an appropriate response which will of course be recorded from many angles for the edification and satisfaction of the believers.

Calyce Io
Spokesperson, Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist

“Do what I say, or I’ll murder tens of thousands of people who had nothing to do with the act.”

Definitely have the moral high ground here.

Especially as you’re going to also use it as entertainment.

As for additional persecutions, well, an eye for an eye, right?



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No, Steve, the correct response is:

‘Also, bwahahahah’.


Ms. Io

The Republic regime by itself is a terrorist regime and it’s no wonder they are amnisting other terrorists. There are two main evidences of the Minmatar regime being criminal:

  1. Sanmatar himself was a Raider
  2. Thorough support of so-called “Freedom fighters”, who are both terrorists and illegal in the civilized world.

Even if terrorism by itself just for the sake of terrorism without actual crime isn’t considered illegal, it is still highly condemned anti-profitable action, it is embezzlement of military funds for no actual gains. Very shameful amateurish action. Some people say that terrorism is a poor man’s war. I’d say the terrorism is a war of uneducated fools, for if you’re a poor, you still shall not embezzle your funds on such futile action.

I am writing that because your action by itself (threatening to kill someone in order to convince others to do the thing) is exactly terrorism itself.

I’d suggest you to stop wasting funds on such affairs if you don’t want to get yourself reputation of same Bloody Hand of Matar. As well I’d suggest you instead to concentrate on a real operations with real objectives.

For example, you can instead do a punitive raid and exterminate 250 000 freedom fighters without placing any demands to the criminal regime. Let them know that punishment for the crimes comes, and by eliminating tribal terrorists you will make our cluster a safer space to live in for law-abiding citizens.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Oh my! Ms. Io, and mr. Nauplius,

After today’s world news item on the Gallente crackdown of Sedevacantism, my security staff found pamphlets circulating among my workers, reproduced below. Is this from your printing presses or did they get creative by themselves?

I hear that those higher up in the hierarchy think sedevacantism is heterodoxy at best and heresy probably, and I do follow my superiors. So I’ll have the workers who circulate these pamphlet reprimanded. But I do pray the Federation would focus their efforts on apprehending the terrorist Deviants in stead. Here at home I hope the Order of St. Tetrimon will step in and do what is necessary!


I am hoping that the Gallente Police Directorate are successful in their endeavour to have your organisation proscribed as the terrorist death cult that it is. Sedevacantism is not welcome in the Federation.

As contentious as the blanket forgiveness of the Bloody Hands of Matar is, if you think that the Federation and those on the member states are going to let your actions go without consequence you are sorely mistaken. If you care at all for the wellbeing of your faithful in the Federation, you will not proceed with your planned actions.

To anyone that supports the Sedevacantist cause in the Federation, it is still not too late to make things right. Remember the values of our Federation. Forsake your allegiances and renounce this Church of hatred, or you will assuredly face the full extent of Federal law.


Look at that, a fedo pointing at cultists.

Though, lets really look at this not through pink-tinted glasses of a traitor (pink because it’s a color of fedo, apparently), but will try to disassemble the situation as it with completely objective point of view.

First af all, the Sedevacantist cause is not a “Church of hatred”, but more like a “Church of Reality Ignoring”, since they’re built not on hatred, but on the claim that the taken throne is vacant.

Second, with all that the Federation have done, actually accepting values of the Federation will turn Sedevacantists into Church of Hatred.

Third, forsaking the allegiance is the most depraved and dishonorable act one could have committed, it is utterly amoral to ask anyone to do that.

Honorable soldiers fight until death for those whom they have pledged their allegiance, for their Faith, for their Leaders, for their Families and way of life. And if they don’t agree with anything of that, as an Honorable act of defiance they take their own life.

Only the most cowardly and disgusting types could forsake their allegiance while keeping their petty dishonorable lives.

As a State Officer, while fighting against gallente aggressors I don’t ask Federal soldiers to drop their allegiance. I expect them to pay for their crimes against the State and humanity with their lives.

The sheer fact you attack those condemning this Church for slaughtering tens of thousands of uninvolved innocents and then have the nerve to mention honour is disgusting.

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Except, of course, you’re not. You’re a militia officer, and the militias are, as pointed out by the Scope, paramilitary organizations. As in, ‘military-like’ or ‘military-adjacent’. Not really part of the military.



Except, of course, you’re a pathetic liar who denies obvious. In the other thread you were stating already that I wasn’t fighting triglavians in Ichoriya before liminality, while I have openly said otherwise and who actualy were there could see me doing that (provided they weren’t blinded by their own ego).

I wonder now, why are you crapping in threads like that? Are you simply insane or trying to annoy people with every nonsence you can think of?

In the other thread, I responded only to your assertion that you aided after liminality. I can’t help it if you created a false impression.

While that I was helping before it was openly said just in ONE SENTENCE ABOVE to what you have replied to. That’s some sort of extreme version of tonnel vision. You need a help.
I’d say you need an ophthalmologist, but it looks you more likely need a psychiatrist.
I’d appreciate if you stop messing up threads before you get that issue fixed.

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