Response to Anti-Sedevacantist Terrorism in Syndicate "Dustbowl"

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist is not the Penitent Order of St. Charduzir of Assimia Reclaimed. We are not meek. We are not mild. We do not turn the other cheek. When our righteous missionary efforts are threatened, we go nuclear. Literally.

In the Syndicate system of U4-Q2V, we have thus staged Prototype Nuclear Small Arms, along with nuclear reactors, nuclear trigger units, nuclear ammunition as well as conventional pistols and small arms and vehicles to be employed as technicals. All of this will be made available to the Sedevacantist faithful on the “Dustbowl” colonies of Syndicate for the purpose of self-defense. Henceforth, any filthy “Ulsiddhakyam” subhuman trying to conscript the Sedevacantist faithful into “assisted reincarnation” will find himself staring down the barrel of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms.

Some may whine about collateral damage due to the use of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms and other nuclear materials. The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist cares not. We come to the Syndicate Dustbowl colonies to deliver a message: turn or burn. We don’t care much which one of those the Intaki choose, and via nuclear fission is as good a way to burn as any.

Postscript. I-RED has claimed a lockdown of U4-Q2V Planet III. So be it. The marginal and sometimes desperate Dustbowl colonies of Syndicate cannot sustain such lockdowns for very long before starvation ensues, and hopefully in the meantime it will be just as difficult for the anti-Sedevacantist terrorists to arm their “side” as it will be for us to arm ours. Not that we will stop trying.

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My best friend at university was studying nuclear physics. I’d always invite her for drinks on the weekend but she never turned up. One day I asked what she does on the weekend. She replied:

I’ve gone fission.

I am not following which parties are shooting which other parties for what reasons, but it reminds me of the holo blockbuster Glorious Primogenitos.

I feel like this is as good a time as any to remind the cluster of the standing bounty I have placed on a Nauplius corpse.

the bounty is set currently at half a billion Isk.

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He might kill himself to fund additional nuclear vessels.