The Lie - a world left to fester

The “Dustbowl”, a forgotten world, ignored for the better part of a decade. Is nothing more than a festering wound spawned from the greed, death and lies of corporate thugs.

The corporate lapdogs who built this place would have you believe that their past must be left to lie among the mass graves dug by their own blood soaked hands. That the culprits have paid a suitable price. That they’ve changed their ways.

Drown out by the lies remain a few courageous Intaki who seek to heal the wounds caused by these outsiders.

These Intaki who have sought to reclaim the soil that is rightfully theirs have called out for aid. Today, the Tears of Reschard answered their plea. Our answer was swift, with a successful attack, we have spread Freedom, Justice, and Vengeance across multiple U4-Q2V facilities. The target, a prominent Sedevacantist figurehead, and executive collaborator Nittara Ozanen.

Freedom: Detonated outside the Sedevacantist Cultist “education” facility on the planet surface.

Justice: Launched and destroyed the unmarked Ishuk-Raata executive transport upon atmospheric entry.

Vengeance: Destruction of Customs Office Security Checkpoint in Orbit.

Our operatives will continue to remind the Khanid Sedevacantist Cult, the Corporate Dogs that the plight they bestow onto our kin will always be returned.

Tears of Reschard

And here I thought Sedevacantism was just Nope-lius’ excuses for being the way he is.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has committed no crimes against the Intaki people; we come to Syndicate only to deliver the message: turn or burn. A message becoming all the more relevant after this announcement by the Tears of Reschard.

Nonetheless, we shall not allow terrorists to interfere with the Word of God. A response is being prepared.

It’s more just the current manifestation of the way he is, Mr. Atruin: cursed with a pathologized ego and a lot of hate for bloodlines he deems to have given offense to Holy Amarr. Never mind that he himself gives offense to Holy Amarr on a regular, verging on continuous, basis.

His current project can be taken as a way to give himself (and us, but mostly himself) a reason for that last bit not to matter. See, again, curse of ego.

At first I thought Syndicate remarkably distant from Amarr for proselytizing madmen. However, looking more closely, I realize that perceived distance is only from the perspective of a host club operator. For proselytizing madmen, I suppose Syndicate lies very close to Genesis.

Speaking of Genesis, now that Amarr no longer needs to invest in maintaining the security of Niarja, it could instead invest in raising the security of systems such as Dom-Aphis as the first step toward creating a “central passage.” A second trade route could lead to improved conditions in presently underdeveloped regions.

CHTAR has a surface operation on this planet. We have requested clarification from the ground personnel and may be able to comment once this has been received.

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I-RED’s recent press release has clarified the targets and impact of the attacks labelled as ‘Justice’ and ‘Vengeance’ in the statement above. My condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the 21 casualties. Having worked closely with Nittara Ozanen myself, I am particularly saddened by her loss. I can only assume that she was en route to U4-Q2V III in an attempt to defuse a situation, which Tears of Reschard appear to have completely misunderstood in launching their “Freedom” attack.

I can confirm that the facility attacked on the surface was not in fact associated with the “Sedevacantist” movement in any way. It was a Mission House belonging to The Penitent Order of St. Charduzir of Assimia Reclaimed, which has been present (but neither particularly active or effective) on this planet since the early phases of Project Dustbowl.

It is also worth clarifying that the community on U4-Q2V III was excluded from Project Dustbowl due to its failure to comply with contractual deadlines and so has been independent of that programme for many years.

The strike on the Mission House appears to have been devastating. The current casualty estimate is 20. Our ground team is working to identify the victims and we may provide an update. Given already the tense situation on the surface, we had hoped to keep it out of view from the IGS and avoid drawing Sedevacantist attention to it but that appears futile now thanks to the blundering lack of discrimination demostrated by the Tears of Reschard. It is my sincere prayer that no-one associated with third parties involved in mediating was caught in the explosion at the Mission House and suffered a similar fate to poor Nittara Ozanen.



Once again Tears of Reschard blunder in, and immediately cause a cycle of violence that will only harm innocents.

And once again, Nauplius chooses to escalate in his typically excessive manner.

Having received a discreet request for assistance, a small team of medical volunteers from the Intaki Prime Relief Effort accompanied a delegation of ILF mediators last week with the intention of seeking a diplomatic solution to the tensions between communities on U4-Q2V III.

Having been briefed on the situation, I can confirm that while the IPI team were on the surface at the time of the attacks, they were not in the immediate vicinity, and no injuries were sustained.

All IPI personnel have returned to the customs office in orbit, and although the IPRE. volunteers immediately offered their assistance, it appears local groups have the matter well in hand.

Yesterday, I dispatched a small security team to U4-Q2V to escort our people home, and they are expected back in Intaki in the next day or so.


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