5 Days Ago

This is Ministries Pellion, for the independent press organization, I Reject Your Reality, reporting live from Kador.

For quite sometime now, rumours have circulated of dissatisfaction in Kador. This past week those rumours were confirmed when a kaleidoscope of armed protagonists struck, perhaps in concert, against what was, prior to this week, outside of the Amarr Empire’s formal authority, the most powerful entity in the region, Spectrum Alliance.

Practically overnight, Spectrum lost, roughly, eighty percent of their people. This incredible incident, the mass migration of pilots to other organizations displayed clearly for anyone interested at all, just how thin an ice this organization had been skating on. Dissent had percolated for sometime within Spectrum, as evidenced by the highly public accusations of spying made against prominent residents in the region.

Indeed Spectrum seems to have set itself up for it’s own fall.

Spectrum, which until the last couple of years had been a successful, but mostly pacifistic organization, recruited into it’s membership, approximately eighteen months ago, one group known as An Interesting Corp. An Interesting Corp is a rather outspoken proponent of salvaging untenanted, possibly abandoned structures.

Their merger into Spectrum seems to have been the match that set fire to this conflagration.

Spectrum’s about face from pacifism to overt aggression ruffled the feathers of many in the region, indeed some outside of the region, if rumours are to be believed, as it is widely repeated Spectrum did not care if structures were actually abandoned or not before blowing them up.

There were also rumours of press gang requirements in their controlled territory, in addition to the equally unpalatable, from an orthodox Amarrian’s perspective, widely held belief Spectrum practiced apostasy. An Interesting Corp were followers of a deity, they referred to in their public relations materials as The Great One. Many local residents of Kador, who were willing to speak to me off the record, stated The Great One was believed to be the wormhole deity, BOB. It is known Spectrum did, at least to some extent, give lip service, if not outright devotion to The Great One as a cathedral was consecrated in Dantan. Possibly due to fears of reprisals the cathedral’s facade has been altered, as this reporter did see the structure, a converted raitaru, before and after the exterior alterations.

This structure is now owned outright by An Interesting Corp, who by the way is no longer a member of Spectrum Alliance.

Spectrum, after having severed ties, with An Interesting Corp, now no longer appears to be the focus of turmoil in Kador.

An Interesting Corp, however, is still subject to a number of war declarations, which begs the question who in the end benefited from their union?

As with all reports, updates will be filed as the story evolves.

This is Ministries Pellion, report living, from Kador, on Saturday Night.


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