[I-RED] Public Release: Tears of Reschard Attack & Response

PUBLIC RELEASE: Tears of Reschard Attack & Response

As required under the YC122 Public Security & Information Transparency Protocol (SIT); this official public statement has been released by the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch, on behalf of Syndicate Operational Commander: Shiran Mazaki.

In regards to the act committed by the Intaki terrorist organization calling themselves the Tears of Reschard. Ishukone-Raata and our subsidiaries targeted by this cowardly attack can confirm it’s authenticity to an extent.

On 123.02.11 21:01 NEST in the system U4-Q2V several explosives were detonated on board the Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport Customs Office in orbit of the third planetary body. Largely due to the security measures in place the asset damage caused was superficial. A total of eleven Enforcement Directive personnel and five civilians were killed in the attack.

On 123.02.11 21:05 NEST in the system of U4-Q2V a surface to atmospheric missile was launched from a location seventy-four kilometres south of the surface planetary habitats. The equipment used in the attack has been identified as [REDACTED], and handed over to the Internal Watch for further investigation. During the attack the Internal Watch can confirm a civilian transport carrying five individuals was destroyed, resulting the loss of life for all on board. Including Ishukone-Raata’s Liaison Officer Nittara Ozanen.

We can confirm a third attack did occur but as of this time are unable to release more information as it is out of the Internal-Watch operational scope.

The Interal-Watch has issued a travel advisory to all vessels entering the U4-Q2V solar system. Along with enforcing a complete lockdown of the Customs Office in orbit of Planet III, and enacted the operations release of the asset to the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch until further notice. All traffic to and from the planet will be restricted to authorized personnel, and planetary enforcement will be conducted under the purview of I-SOAP, and O-RIW indefinitely.

I-SOAP will be working with O-RIW to ensure the culprits in this heinous act are brought to justice. We advise all outside actors to cease direct or indirect interference in this matter.

Released Official Communication
Cmdr. Shiran Mazaki
Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch


I admit, every time you guys put out a public statement, I want to see a counterpoint from Ishukone-Byrontic Logistics United Enterprises.

My condolences.


They already have an I-BLU alliance that’s associated with them.

Intaki-Business Logistics Union.