[I-RED] Public Release: Intaki Invasion Assessment

PUBLIC RELEASE: Intaki Invasion Assessment

Due to revocation of the Security Directorate under the Executive Emergencies Directive, the YC122 Public Security & Information Transparency Protocol (SIT) has been suspended; this is a modified official public statement that has been released by the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch.

As per request of the EEC a review of the conflict in the Intaki system has been on-going since the initial invasion began.

[REDACTED DATE] - 182 of 196 facilities were disrupted during the initial Federal Navy action. Within the past 48 hours 44 of the 182 have regained some communication with Ishuk-Raata Security Forces.

[REDACTED DATE] - Communication disruption still on-going - In an attempt to regain communication links, EEC issued orders to investigate proprietary planetbound and orbital facilities.

[REDACTED DATE] - All attempts to facilitate withdrawl of personnel from Intaki II facilities resulted in destruction of evacuation craft.

[REDACTED DATE] - All attempts to facilitate withdrawl of assets from Intaki IV research facilities resulted in destruction of extraction craft/team along with all facilities.

[REDACTED DATE] - Temporary communications reestablished with Ishuk-Raata Special Operations and Policy Enforcement [I-SOAP] headquarters in orbit of Intaki V - attempts at boarding the facility resulted in it’s destruction via standard denial policy.

[REDACTED DATE] - Ishukone-Raata Capsuleer forces engaged a Federal Navy Battleship element on Agoze stargate, resulting in the loss of four Federal Navy battleships, and one Ishukone-Raata Scythe.

[REDACTED DATE] - Federal Navy fleets ceased active interdiction of gate networks within the Intaki system.

[REDACTED DATE] - Intaki V PLESCO Prosperity Information Center reported destroyed by civil disturbance. Suspect FIO involvement. Survivors unknown.

[REDACTED DATE] - Intaki V Suroken National Regional HQ reported seized by Federal Marines. Saitsuo employees in Federal custody.

[REDACTED DATE] - Intaki I through VIII: Suroken National Cryoprotectant Factories have been seized. Some Saitsuo sections disregarded requests of surrended and evaded arrest. Active pursuit by Federal agents. Extraction efforts have been initiated.

[REDACTED DATE] - Immediate Enhanced Response Procedure (I-ERP) remains unaffected as asset was stationed in Intaki Syndicate during Federal Navy action.

[REDACTED DATE] - Review efforts confirm the loss of 44% casualty rate for Ishuk-Raata’s Joint Contracting Force [JCF]. Expected to be higher due to unreliable communications.

[REDACTED DATE] - E-5 Kirvaat facility reported complete destruction from resulting Federal Navy orbital strikes.

EEC has elected to continue attempts to further extract assets and bolster personnel at intact facilities. The Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch will be continuing their efforts to aid adjacent organizations in achieving these objectives.

Released Official Communication
Cmdr. Shiran Mazaki
Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch


The last few days have been trying for everyone at Saitsuo. Our top priority remains as always the safety of our clients. Many of them had no direct relationship to the Protectorate or the militia, such as Suroken National. Yet we have seen the Federation Navy target these peaceful commercial ventures, imprisoning or killing our clients and employees. Fifteen Saitsuo-protected installations have been confirmed destroyed so far, in some cases with total loss of life.

We condemn the Federation’s illegal occupation of Viriette in direct violation of the War Powers Act. South Placid was rightfully Caldari by treaty before this invasion. We will recover and evacuate our non-combatants, and then we shall remain to resist the enemy for as long as we are able. For the State.


For the State.


Should you need help moving personnel out, I have methods. Feel free to contact me if the offer interests.

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So, just to double-check something…

Saitsuo is enrolled in the militia, along with the rest of I-RED.
Your clients hired you to protect their installations.

If they hired you, they have a direct relationship with you, right? And you’re in the militia? So… how can you say they have no direct relationship with the militia? They do have a direct relationship with the militia—You. And because they’ve contracted with you, their facilities were host to Caldari militia combat assets—again, you.

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