[I-RED] Public Release: Viriette-Eskeitan Deployment

PUBLIC RELEASE: Viriette-Eskeitan Deployment

As of YC123.07.23, the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive has recommitted itself to the continuation of the initiative known publicly as the “Commerce Expansion Zone” or the “Viriette-Eskeitan Initiative”. The intent of the initiative will continue as originally announced during the YC123.03.24 quarterly conference.

It has always been the commitment of Ishukone-Raata to facilitate the positive interests and growth of the Intaki people. Currently the opinion of the Enforcement Directive Board is that the reigning Federal Administration has conducted themselves with little regard for the delicate situation that surrounds the Intaki solar system. This blame isn’t solely directed toward Celes Aguard’s administration however, as the public was witness to the unwarranted, despicable actions of Lai Dai in Intaki area. Actions quickly condemned by Ishukone-Raata leadership and the greater community.

In the wake of Lai Dai’s aggression, we have implemented policy that further protects the Intaki population. Including, but not limited to the revocation of access to orbital facilities, and orbital deterrent practices toward all Lai Dai affiliates.

We urge those enlisted under Federal Defense Union contract to cease all activity within the Intaki solar system, and invite the leaders from both sides of the conflict to enter diplomatic talks regarding the future of the Intaki solar system.

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