[I-RED] Public Release: Intaki Internal Watch Deployment

PUBLIC RELEASE: Intaki Internal Watch Deployment

As per the request of the Ishuk-Raata Executor, the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW] has deployed an observation force in the Intaki system. This observation force will be working alongside RDC security contractors, Ishuk-Raata Special Operations and Tactics (I-SOAP), and utilizing the Immediate Enhanced Response Procedure (I-ERP).

Alongside the deployment of in-space assets, a small detachment of one hundred and thirty four marines will be distributed along three Ishuk-Raata operated extraction facilities.

O-RIW has sent communications to the Intaki Assembly and Ishukone Corporation offering further assistance should outside actors continue to act outside their jurisdiction.

Released Official Communication
Cmdr. Shiran Mazaki
Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch



Ishukone Corporation welcomes these efforts at promoting security in the Intaki system. We urge caution and discretion in all your actions but are confident this will present no difficulty for organizations that share the ethos and mission of the Ishukone corporate family.

Please be aware that the Ishukone Watch will be carrying out evidence gathering operations pertaining to case Ishukone Corporation vs Onikanabo Brigade et al (Maurasi CBT POR-YC121.06.27-0001) currently before the CBT.

My best regards,

Majima Umokka

Special Corporate Counsel
Directorate of Arbitration and Adjustment,
Ishukone Corporation



I’ve been cleared to release all information collected under these operations and will forward the data to yourself and the Ishukone Corporation for preview. Security assets remain in transit and personnel involved in Ishuk-Raata Syndicate Initiatives have been briefed.

Cmdr. Shiran Mazaki
Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch



121.07.10 - O-RIW reconnaissance reports show hostile activity between two local capsuleer groups conducting strategic maneuvers to secure in space assets in orbit of Intaki worlds.
121.07.10 - Ishukone-Raata contractors report driving off two battleships linked to known pirate organization in Intaki system. [DETAILS PENDING APPROVAL]
121.07.12 - Ishukone-Raata contractors engaged local faction conducting hostile maneuvers over Intaki II. [DETAILS PENDING APPROVAL]
121.07.13 - O-RIW reconnaissance continues to report the loss of several customs offices of local factions in the Intaki system.
121.07.14 - Ishukone-Raata contractors engaged two local factions engaging in piracy over Intaki V. [DETAILS PENDING APPROVAL]
121.07.14 - Ishukone-Raata contractors have successfully secured the Customs Office in orbit of Intaki V.



With a flash and sputter all holofeeds in the Intaki system are interrupted – A caped figure - garments billowing in the wind, takes form with some effort through interference and static…

“Broadcasting on ALL public Intaki channels – to all citizens, capsuleers, and non capsuleer entities.”

Greetings, I am known as the Booty Emperor, sometimes The Shark, also the Red Rook, the Commodore, and The Foul Wind, Maximillian Bonaparte, but you may simply call me Max.

I must announce a dire warning. The economic balance of the Intaki system is under great threat!

First, let me be clear, I am sympathetic to Caldari based organizations such as Ishukone, or even whatever attack dogs they sponsor! In fact, my grandfather, leader of the scorpion lobster fisherman’s union on Intaki, was exiled during the Gallente-Caldari war for simply being outspoken about how the war was not benefiting the Intaki people. The more vocal members of the Bonaparte bloodline were eventually all exiled into space.

For years the interplanetary economy in Intaki was under the iron fist of the ‘alleged’ slavers known as Shadow Cartel. We freed up this interplanetary trade by having the courage to take control of most of the planetary import/export infrstructure in this beloved system, where most would not dare, and for months there was harmony.

Shadow Cartel eventually returned and took it all again, but our love for the free Intaki market inspired us to retake the customs offices, and we did so while under attack or being harassed by many, such as the mostly imcompetant, but numerous and aggressive pirates who base out of the Ostingele system.

For the past two months those interloping pirates known as Panic Attack and Hull Penetration, through shear numbers and no finesse, have slowly disrupted the economic prosperity of Intaki.

In short - you have attacked the WRONG pirates! And we now control NO customs offices in the Intaki system.

In the ideal situation, this should be in the control of those with Intaki inheritance, namely myself and my loyal band of renegade warriors, with allowances and benefits to those who wish to maintain economic prosperity. After all we help the local economy grow due to our assets in Intaki and the proximity of our staging system of Agoze.

Second best outcome would be to assist with the removal of the interloping pirates, the foul ones, with OR without your help, and sort out this mess in some either way. So I call for a parlay to Ishukone Raata, as there is a lot more going on here than you think, with many layers of complexity that I do not have time to go into now.

Come sit with me over some rum and my family’s Intaki Lobster Bisque recipe and we’ll talk this over. A private message is en-route.

But we are relentless and resolved to bring at least 60% of Intaki interplanetary commerce back under our prosperous control. After all, we are the LEAST disliked capsuleer pirate entity in the region! Just ask anyone in Intaki local at ANY time!

Best Regards,
Commodore Maximillian Bonaparte

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We’re aware of how trustworthy your organization is and your continued transgressions against peaceful groups residing in the Intaki system. Until the Internal Watch is otherwise notified by Ishukone-Raata’s Public Relations, you’ll remain in the same bracket as your rivals.

Of course for legal and political reasons you have to make this statement, but time will tell if the spirit of your justice will be applied equally to all involved. Or if for some reason you would be embarrassed to admit, that you will only be targeting us - something that will not go well for public relations, especially among the civilian population. As we never harm civilians!

One thing is for certain, you are not equipped to deal with what may be coming alone.

I, for one, would welcome an opportunity to try that lobster bisque and hear more.

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Records show another story.

The fear of defeat isn’t an incentive to work with self-proclaimed pirates.

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