Announcement: 50000 Slaves Sacrificed to God

(Nauplius) #1

Yesterday, in the former SFRIM Headquarters station of Nahyeen VII - Zoar and Sons Factory, 50,000 Slaves were sacrificed to God.

Last week, I was accused of Un-Amarrian Activities Concerning a Pilot’s Corpse. But our God is a merciful God, and he has provided his Chosen an absolute means of cleansing even the hint of sin — even the remote possibility of sin — by means of the sacrifice of thousands of slaves upon the Altar of God. Proverbially speaking.

These slaves, the leftovers from the failed Demonspawn Banishing Temple, were stuffed, kicking and screaming, moaning and wailing into forty or so Sigil class Industrials, undocked, and incinerated by the holy light of Gleam lasers. Oh how God was glorified in the terror of the Minmatar as they saw their coming doom at the end of the hanger undock! And when all the Sigils were destroyed, there were 214 slaves left over — imagine the anguish of these most broken of subhumans who expected imminent death and were “saved” for the moment by the lack of an Expanded Cargo Hold module or two. They will glorify God in their mental illness.

Sadly, Serena did not participate. She presented a doctor’s note exempting her from flying while pilots threaten to break her spine in two while she is pregnant. I am somewhat suspicious of this doctor, who might be a Minmatar sympathizer diverting Serena from the Faith.

Even so, may the Blood Age come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

(Halcyon Ember) #2

Dear mr Crazypants
Please stop glorifying your mental illness so publicly. The cluster at large is mildly perturbed that you seem to believe that your acts of atrocity find us an eager audience. If you require validation of your heinous acts I’m sure I can provide a short list of people who would quite eagerly touch themselves whilst reading a report of your crimes against humanity. If this is in fact a cry for help, please arrange a visit at your earliest convenience.
I have a couple of employees who would relish aiding you in resolving your mental crisis.

(Lasairiona Raske) #3

Well at least he announced it after the fact…maybe he’s learning.

(Lasairiona Raske) #4

And don’t be silly. I told Serena she should inquire about this since I almost lost my daughter in a ship accident.

(Sinjin Mokk) #5




What does it matter?

At least, as Lasa pointed out, you finally waited until after the deed was done.

Or was it? Do you have evidence? A bill of sale? Gunjack camera footage of them meeting their end? I can come on here and say I tractor-beamed the Rens VI-Kin Development Warehouse Station into the local sun, but without evidence, it’s just a boast.

But it’s all so…boring isn’t it?

You get sand in your shorts over some trifle or feel your version of God needs some kind of appeasement and slaughter a large number of slaves. And at the end of the day? Nothing changes. The trifle is still there, God is still miffed, whatever. Zero sum total for a lot of ISK and life wasted.

I’ve described you and your actions to some of the Sani Sabik pilots out here in Pure Blind, and you know what? They laughed. They feel your approach is totally worthless. From what they describe, you can never appease the Red God by killing mortal slaves.

I think it has something to do with the purity of the blood? While I’ve certainly ended a great many Bloodraiders over the years, I haven’t studied more than the common elements of the theology. But from what these Horde Bloodraiders tell me, baseline human life is a waste. It seems you need to be offering purer blood. Capsuleer blood. Maybe this is why, for all that you have sacrificed, God is still less than happy with your efforts?

Either way, you should probably come up with something new. Sacrificing a large number of baseline Matari is bad, yes…but still a drop in the bucket compared to how many die at the hands of actions made by the Empire, the Republic, other Bloodraiders, etc… And they all seem to be showing a greater amount of success for their efforts. I guess you should be thinking less quantity, more quality to your sacrifices?

Just a thought. But you’re starting to sound like Funk, crowing her pleasure over a few ganked pods.

You can do better.

(Diana Kim) #6

Sometimes just one can mean more than 50 000.
What’s the point of this sacrifice if you haven’t even knew them?
What sort of sacrifice that? Of your own property? You could blew up a freighter filled with tritanium of the same cost for same effect. What do they mean for you anyway? Because I am pretty sure you couldn’t know whole 50 000 of people to treat them as persons. What kind of sacrifice can that be? Their sacrifice, maybe, but not yours. You can’t even remember all of their faces. Maybe just two, or free, am I right?

If you want to make a really meaningful sacrifice of the life… tell me, are you brave enough, are you devoted enough to sacrifice yourself instead of them? It is easy to take others life. But could you give your own life for what you believe in?

Announcement: Shrine to a Caldari Hero Operational
(Arrendis) #7

sigh Mokk, people were being very good about not feeding his ego this time.

(Nana Skalski) #9

I think Nauplius should offer himself first to give example how to be closer to god he loves so much.

(Lasairiona Raske) #10

A capsuleer sacrificing himself is kinda counterintuitive, isn’t it?

(Sinjin Mokk) #11

Like the Empire, Ego and Hubris are his worst enemies.

(Sinjin Mokk) #12

Look in the area near PR-. There might be some around there. Go introduce yourself.

(Arrendis) #13

She lives there, Mokk. They already ignore her as the wannabe she is.

(Halcyon Ember) #14

But he can do it every day.

(Kaela Kualen) #15


(Arrendis) #17

Get over yourself, Funkybutt. You’re not a Blood Raider, and you’re barely a capsuleer. You’re a simpering little pissant who sucked up to Napkins of all people until he made it clear that even he thought you were pathetic. Now you run around four systems, praying you won’t get noticed, and telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re a Blood Raider, really, why won’t they believe you?

Tell you what: If you’re a Blood Raider, the next time I go pirate-hunting, I’ll tell you where to find me. You warp in and let’s see if they welcome you as one of them… or if they shoot you.

(system) #18

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