On the subject of mass human sacrifice

As just about everyone knows, a whole bunch of people occasionally perform mass “sacrifices” of humans, usually to attempt to demonstrate some point or other. Typically it’s some goofball trying to show they’re a sani sabik. Or occasionally some wackjob who claims to be a loyal Amarr subject, and the action is about demonstrating something to the Minmatar.

Now, there’s a point to be made here about the availability of slaves to the capsuleer market, when capsuleers have repeatedly demonstrated their complete and utter unsuitability in the role of slave owner.

But I’m not going to make that point. Because it’s been made elsewhere.

Instead, what I am about to explain, is why the notion of such ridiculous “sacrifices” is in fact offensive to the Red God.

Imagine if you will, a church organ. Now, an organ is a very loud and powerful instrument, capable of making the air itself shake when it is played. And so, when a hymn is played upon the organ, it glorifies God.

Now, imagine a fog horn, or indeed one of those miniature horns attached to a can of compressed air, that sports fans make nuisances of themselves with. It’s a loud, discordant, annoying noise.

So what does this have to do with mass human sacrifice, you think ? Well.

People are under the impression that mass human sacrifices glorify God in some way. As if they were like playing an organ, making a sound that the Red God finds pleasing.

But they are not. They are the equivalent of blowing a giant air horn. Producing a gigantic annoying noise that just really irritates everyone within earshot.

Thus, we can see that the “mass sacrifices” of slaves, typically by exploding a freighter crammed full of them, do in fact, simply annoy the Red God, rather than please them. And thusly, should be avoided by anyone wishing to glorify God in any way.

You’re more likely to attract the attention of Molok, or The Beast, by blowing your fog horn in that manner. And you don’t want that. You don’t want that at all.


I have not myself ever blown up a freighter full of slaves. That was a little bit “ewww.” I do however admire the creativity behind using zip drives to destroy the Matari. Had that worked, I am confident that God would have been quite pleased.

Which should in no way be interpreted as a disagreement, Doctor.

Tangentially, it is the case that a fog horn makes a very soothing sound if you are far quite far away. I wonder if anyone has ever composed an organ fugue for foghorns that are Quite Far Away.

What about mass human sacrifices commited by gallenteans in their PoW camps or during genocide of colonists?
And what about mass human sacrifices committed by CODE when they attack peaceful vessels not even taking their goods?
Or mass human sacrifices committed by Goons and their bootlickers during “Burn Jita” campaigns?

It doesn’t look to me they were trying to please Red God or follow Sanik ideology at all.

Being a murderer is being a murderer and no belief or religion can justify it. If we start judging people by their ideas we can degrade ourselves to levels of Black Eagles and similar gallentean scum. We must judge people by their actions. Make them pay for their deeds, their motives are irrelevant.

There is no doubt, that criminals over new eden are out of control, regardless of their religious views to the one true lord of light, or the so called “blood god”, criminal activity is an affront to civilized society.

Concord, should also be retrofitted with proper modules to “save” individuals broadcasting distress messages by equipping remote repair modules, and other such service options. they should also hve their engines upgraded so they are able to answer distress calls faster.

as for the producers of freighters, they should look into new, “scanning proof” upgrades for the lower parts of the ship, to prevent evil intent, and help make freighters more of a gamble.

As Miss Kim expressed, there’s those that kill just because they like to kill. Look at the Equilibrium of Mankind…or at least whatever remains of them at this point.

It again also helps keep the current picture of what it means to be a “capsuleers” relevant - how many times have we heard from the Sisters of EVE about our supposed lack of concern or morality when it comes to the lives risked on our ships and stations? Or that we are “above the law” according to those at CONCORD and put innocent lives at risk.

I’m sure they are well aware it’s only a matter of time until there is serious pushback from an organized group.

The so called peaceful vessels destroyed by CODE pilot interventions always have a hidden facet to their otherwise benign outlook.
Some examples I’ve witnessed an otherwise inconspicuous freighter have tucked away in one of its holds a blood farm holding over a hundred innocent people for the mere harvest of their vital fluid to be used on heretical rituals in such a case you’d see it’d be an act of merci to end those poor souls tortured existence.
Another example a peaceful again inconspicuous mining barge going about its usual operations however underneath the ordered canvas we see in space through sensors and camera drones the ship hid a grueling environment. The amarrian born captain saw to recruit as many gallentean personnel as he could so he could outright enslave them torture them and satisfy his deviant perversions at their expense.When confronted by CODE operatives he threatened to vent the atmosphere inside his ship and slowly suffocate the entire crew , rather than allow the wretch his final act of pleasure they decided to vaporize the vessel fast and painless

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Don’t be silly. CODE kills freighters and miners because they enjoy it.


Mr. Saboteur, in order to admit someone’s guilt they either have to be found guilty by a court of law (or a tribunal) or YOU shall provide us with sufficient evidences. Until you do so, they remain innocent and thus killing them is a murder of innocents.

Also bringing in accusations against other party on a bare words without backing up, makes an accuser actually guilty in another crime: slander. And if you fall yourself to committing such a disgusting crime, then how could you be better than someone, like the same Arrendis who is infamous for her slanders, for example, once she publically claimed I was cutting off people’s hands.

From the point of humanity sacrifing innocent human beigns is a terrible act.

From the point of a capsuller who has no morals its a waste of resources…

So as you can see even from two diffrent approches I think killing people like this is wrong and a wasteful action. Dont ask how I see this subject my views are not that much important the results are…

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