10th Anniversary: The One Million Slave Sacrifice

It has become common on these forums for pilots to announce anniversaries of their accession as capsuleers or of their corporation membership. Let us today observe a far more significant anniversary.

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the One Million Slave Sacrifice. On this great and terrible day, hundreds of thousands of filthy Minmatar subhumans were loaded into Enormous Freight Containers, ejected into space, and then incinerated by holy Amarrian pulse lasers. The remaining number were stuffed into a Providence-class freighter which was obliterated in a mighty explosion.

The One Million Slave Sacrifice preceded my discovery of the most true religion ever — sedevacantism, the belief that the Amarr Throne is Vacant. Thanks to the teachings of my spiritual mentor, Morgana Tsukiyo, I learned that the Minmatar have more to offer us their masters than their repeated mass sacrifice upon the Altar of God.

Nonetheless, the One Million Slave sacrifice has lessons for us today. What motivated the Sacrifice was that the Amarr Empire had become liberal and weak. And the Amarr Empire is still liberal and weak. It has forgotten that human sacrifice is a legitimate part of the Amarr Faith. Molok the Deceiver sacrificed upon the Altar of God — when is the last time, do you think, that that sacrifice of Molok was ever mentioned in a LUMEN sermon?

An age yet unborn will see the One Million Slave Sacrifice as the beginning of the Time of Nauplius leading to the coming of the True Emperor. Let us all take this time to ponder the meaning of the One Million Slave Sacrifice and offer our thoughts below.

It meant you were lost, Mr. Nauplius, and not in a trivial, wasting-your-own-life kind of way.

There’s a belief widespread in Achur practice that the spirits of the dead return to us in dreams. The spirits of especially giving, protective persons return as guardians. Particularly baneful, destructive spirits return as nightmares.

There’s an insight in this belief. A strongly protective or baneful soul, whether it’s a literal, separate spiritual existence or not, living or dead, creates its own little pocket of reality, of Paradise or Hell, of which it is the first beneficiary or the first victim.

The best guard, protect, and nurture those around them. The worst, bring, or, rather, are, nightmare. And no one is quite so trapped in a nightmare as the soul at its heart.

No doubt there are those who can take joy in being such a creature. But for all your deep-seated hate I don’t think you do, or can. At that time you yourself were horrified by your own supposed god, even as you did what you thought he wanted you to do. The horrors you committed didn’t spare you.

Morgana Tsukiyo is a strange person to cite as your mentor-- she isn’t remotely of your faith. She’s barely of mine, taking our beliefs and stripping away all sense of proportion and moderation, completely missing the point thereby.

She’s a heretic to my faith, one who makes a crown out of a belief in nothing-- a nihilist. And true to that status she mistakes being trapped in a meaningless, directionless void for freedom. She “freed” you on a whim, curious what you would do.

What she actually freed was your ego, your curse. She gave you permission to stop fighting it.

And here you are, gazing back at your horror-strewn past as though it was maybe not that bad after all.

Gods help you, Nauplius, and all those luckless souls who cross your path.


Maybe you shouldn’t then interject yourself like you are important?
Of course, it’s not as strong as declaring your own time, but still.

@Nauplius, though I can as well notice that you give LUMEN too much credit which they clearly don’t deserve. I could understand if you pounced on them because of their declarations or actions, for example, I could do that in threads of I-RED, who are infamous for committing outright crimes of treason against the State, but have you seen me, for example, just bringing them up somewhere like some sort of enemy I am fighting against? They are just not that important, and that’s all. We have a Federation to defeat.

And, please, don’t think like I am trying to defend or protect LUMEN - they’re pretty much enemies for me as well. Of course, not as disgusting and detestable like aforementioned traitors, but still enemies, and I’d like to point out - by their own decision.

I can tell you that, Mr. Naplius, there’s no reason to bringing up issues if other side don’t want to solve them. If they want to be your enemy, just accept it, do like me: set them kill on sight, kill them wherever you see them, and that’s it.

You’re a capsuleer, it means you’re a soldier, you can control large war machines with heavy firepower.

Do what you was trained to do and leave arguments to those who wish to listen.