In that case, may I suggest a Brutix for your next battlecruiser?
It’s bonused for medium hybrid guns.
The Talos is bonused for battleship sized large hybrids.
The Brutix is also a very good ship when fit properly.

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Yyyyep, it might work. I was liking the idea of Talos - having eight guns at my disposal, more of a visual idea - all of them shooting. Maybe I’ll try Brutix (and check closer the specs :)) ). Thank you :wink:


oh my god and I thought concord marshals were death itself

good job on that site :smiley:

So you are after a pity killing

I’ll do it for tree fiddy.

Sounds like that Pilot is even more scary than Aiko

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Can I be rewarded in these instead…


Who is we in the whole we’re going to get you part?

It better not be that Clipped Wings or Wing Plucked! Boxer!

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