Get some revenge with isk

hi there,

im not the kind who just wanna whine about pvp on the forum.
i was wondering if there’s a way to get some revenge on a couple of guys who jumped me when i was clearing some mobs in low-sec, with isk?

how much trouble can i cause someone if i wish to spend say 1 billion isk?
the idea of bounty dont seem to appealing to me,
say i place a bounty on each of them (2), can they simply kill each other and claim it?

ty for your time

You can get them killed, or get scammed out of your ISK … but they very likely wont’t care if they die, they are PvP players obviously.


Also, since you revealed your identity, it’s more likely people will hunt you now … :-/

Get over it, move on, ships are ammunition in EvE.

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well i thought these are all part of the game no?
they cause me trouble with ship there’s no way i cause them trouble with isk?
its not like im yelling something is unfair or anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Very few groups would honor such agreement . Most of them will just try to scam you by taking your ISK and doing nothing.
If you adamantly want revenge , find a tight knit group to play with and properly plan your revenge.

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The bounty system is simple but it does not create much incentive to hunt players with bounties on them because payouts are limited to a fraction of the ship destroyed. In practice what happens when you put a bounty on someone, you occasionally pay out to the people that were probably going to kill him anyways. So i strongly recommend not putting bounties on peoples heads if you want them to be hunted.

Instead the community tends to put bounties on people as a sign of affection, to elevate their ‘status’.

There are mercs that will attack other players in exchange for isk, but these are large pvp groups and their time is not cheap.

Smaller outfits don’t really exist anymore for reasons…

So what you’re looking for isn’t impossible. It’s just expensive. I. Very much doubt 1bil will cover it.

ty guys for more serious answers.
obviously im quite new so thx for the info.

i guess my initial thought would be more to the individual than the whole group.
don’t expect to ruin their day but a minor annoyance, if one can think of any,
but then i thought rich people can just abuse this to death i guess :joy:

Do this:

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My point is, you can’t easily cause experienced PvP players trouble in a game which is about making trouble and being prepared for trouble. Throwing ISK at something which the receiving people embrace is kind of waste IMO. :wink:

I started the same, seeking revenge for a lost ship to a suspect bait in highsec … this among other things pushed me to PvP. Revenge can be a strong motivation. After some time I realized how silly it was to seek revenge for a lost ship. It was my fault due to lack of knowledge.

I learned PvP mechanics from both sides, as the mouse and the cat, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. With time you win more and lose less. The fault is yours if you are not prepared.

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I was killed twice last week. I know who did it. I know where they frequent. I could go after them, I surely want to. But to what end? I dont need to start a war. You can’t ever actually “kill” a character and like others have said they’re probably experienced PVP players so it’s no big deal.

The trouble isn’t worth it at this stage of things.

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ty sir,
this is both very cool but also feels like what a psychopath would do :joy: :joy: :joy:
i guess i can invest my time in better places against a 5-10mins of annoyance

for other guys i thought i was clearly asking about how the game works
instead of a trauma therapy :stuck_out_tongue: still thx for the input

Though in the end the guy stole the alliance assets becoming so rich he never could spend it all so probably made much more in that time than he would doing other things. :wink:

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