Player Bounties

Gankers tied to CCP pressured to remove player bounties. Bounties were placed on Gankers after gate camp gank and the gankers did not like it. What do you think the player the lost everything felt like. The ganker won because they are part of CCP to generate more loss to create more revenue in manufacturing and player costs. If CCP would let the game take is own course in this type of matter then a natural process would come about.

You know bounties just became a badge of honor right? vs a negative stigma.

Literally people worked to get trillions in bounties knowing noone could ever fully cash in. It was based on like % of ship value and more ISK if you pod them (% of implants). I don’t know tho.


Yep. Before kill markings this was one proof of how bad butt you were. also when killmails/lossmaills were more voluntary. If you “forgot” to post loss mail and the dude who dropped you didn’t post killmail that got swept under rug. Bounties didn’t lie back then.

500 mil on tuesday, 0 on a wednesday…so how did you die in the past 24 hours? was asked.

well that when some run in low/null/wh crews anyway. Been in a few 0.0 fights the wallet blinked at me. Someone in the blob fight had a bounty.

It Had you laugh as you think some raging player paid out to see this dude dead…and it was happening anyway,

also had you laugh as the dude was in a SRP crew, That ship loss was getting covered. Yeah, they learned their lesson! (not really).

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im pretty sure they didnt care, because bounties were useless.

They did. And what happened? People just used Bounties to try and scam other players.

They would place 50, 60 million isk bounties on themselves, then sit afk at the gate in a cheap 2-3 million isk ship. Voila, they get 50 million free isk. Rinse and repeat.

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You can’t be more wrong.

Bounties were removed upon a cries of carebears claiming they are abused by gankers and griefers.

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??? That makes no sense. How would anyone scam anyone with bounties that were not allowing one to legally shoot the other and gave only 10% of destroyed value to the killer and it nothing to the issuer?

I think you meant killrights. Which were never removed and which can and are still used to “scam” ppls. But I would not even call it a scam. If someone is willing to pay 50mil to kill 2mil ship that is his problem. Players activating these"scam" killrights are not doing it for profit. They just desperately wants some green to their killboard ad are willing to pay for it. Or they are white knights and think it is some ganker and want to stop him.

Aiko Danuja, who seems to be the defacto face of gankers, periodically hounds CCP to reinstate bounties.


Yes, sorry i thought you were talking about Killrights, this was my mistake.

But yes, bounties are useless.

yeah sure … gankers won ! gankers have won because their gameplay was hard nerfed not long ago !
gankers win because they cant dock anymore …
gankers win because they cant be alpha anymore …
gankers win … could write down way more why gankers now have won …

dude ! stop crying and take your head out of your butt and then you dont care about gankers !

But it is the constant crying that made CCP nerf ganking over and over again so if they keep crying CCP will keep nerfing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah … and as i thought a bit of this … in some other threads there were some posts to reduce the HS income … i start thinking this would be a good idea because war was nerfed to hell and ganking was nerfed to hell so HS player are as safe as never in EvE History …

maybe also ban marauder out of HS :wink: becaus name itself imply that “marauder” are not good for HS

Ganking was never nerfed,which is the whole problem this game has…ganking should be DISALLOWED and repeated ganking should lead to a permban for the good of the game…

It’s PVE that is permanently nerfed in this game due to f.e. podkilling npc everywhere,that make pve nearly impossible and is the sole reason why half of the PVE players left the game annoyed…the gankers still remain untouched.

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on wich planet do you live ? if you cant read patchnotes its a YOU problem !

i could accept this but then HS should never get you any ISK for any action … xD

if you cant safe a pod in HS … its a YOU problem …

tell me when PvE got nerfed !

ooohhhh … thats why i createt actual billions per day in HS ? anybody should have told me its impossible

proof your statement :wink:

proof your statement :wink:


Never heard of such misguided perception of reality.

Ganking was NEVER nerfed in any way.

In opposite it was PVE that is nerfed and made impossible over and over again.

Gankers are just PAMPERED in this game

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cause “your reality” is hides the real reality !

i call your opinion a perception of reality…

No…income has to be boosted to 4 times higher for the good of the game…

50% loss of pve players by ccp’s own numbers show CLEARLY where the problem is…

Hint: it’s NOT ganking or pvp…both are pampered to the max…PVE is leaving because it was made impossible to play this playstyle to a point where it is too annoying to stand…

People who say ganking has been nerfed are wrong

sure xD then tell us why this would improve the game ? :wink:

show us the source where you get your informations xD

if YOU are not able to do anything in HS because youre to scared of ganking which isnt that present then its still a YOU problem xD

btw … tell me where ganking has been pampered if they cant dock ?

They live in their own reality where everything that hinders them to ruin the day of normal players is a personal attack by ccp on them…

I would call this ‘the orange guy phenomenon’ if you allow this slight adrift into real life

Why does CCP believe mixing peaceful players and pirates is a good idea? Why does anyone believe that is a good idea?