Player Bounties

Any news on the refund of player bounties or the re-activation of the system?


Don’t they purge the database of transactions over a time period? How can they refund what is no longer there?

I do not believe the bounty system will ever be re-activated, based on what other players have told me. The system was being farmed of ISK.

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They never said a refund was coming

Are you advocating for CCP to keep players money?

How much of that came from RMT with legal PLEX from CCP?

CCP should zero out everyone’s wallets and make everyone start fresh.

You can do that yourself any time, just biomass.

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It’s not going to be meaningful if only one person does it. Now, if we could Heaven’s Gate this thing…

I wouldn’t approve of this.


I would only do this within roleplay.

“We have chosen not to reimburse the money currently in the player bounty system at this time as this is a temporary measure and as such we are aiming to have this feature re-enabled in the near future.”.

I think the best option will be for me to make an official complaint and then use my debit cards dispute transaction, goods not delivered. As I bought a Plex for the sole purpose of bounting a player.

A 3rd party might be able to get an answer from CCP who previously said an answer was due in a month, seems more likely a year.

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CCP is going to dispute your ability to log into the game.

On what grounds?

Go perform a chargeback on CCP and find out.


On PLEX…not his sub.

I thought I’d come back to Eve today after a 3 year break and the first thing I needed to do was settle a little spiteful vengeance, only to find the single most important system in the game (to me) has been removed for two years. What in the ■■■■ is happening over here? I am heartbroken. Eve without bounties is the saddest thing I never imagined would happen.

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