Bounties just a little reminder CCP

Dear CCP, still waiting on the quadrillion ISK reimbursement of bounties as promised or the reactivation of the quadrillions of ISK of player bounties that you’ve essentially robbed from us.


The money has been used to pay off the Gallente national debt.



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LOL! Nice!

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Due to the hyperinflation, it might require both invisible hands to work the stimulus package this time around.


Gallente’s economy ministers are greeks confirmed

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The funny thing is that Hilmar is babbling on about NFT’s & managing blockchains while this ■■■■ happens, hahaha yeah OK CCP’rs, do you actually think anyone would ever trust you with a cent? You are showing your piss poor track record of managing digital goods… Yet again ignoring their integral value at your sole choosing.

Quadrillions of ISK or close to a million dollars at plex price has just been deleted from the game in the form of bounties & they act like nothing has happened.

It probably wasn’t more than a single trillion, maybe two.

I think you are massively under estimating that tbh, the largest single player bounty was over .2tn & I think some alliances had more. Since the bounty system was going for years it was well over 2tn.

Well anyway CCP is famous for robbing from the many poor and giving to their few mates. They’ll probably just back hand some more T2BPO’s to pets to an equal value of their great bounty robbery & call it all square.

NFT’s & blockchain, lel GTFO!

Yes, the highest was somewhere in the lower 12-digit range, but it quickly fell off after that to the point where the lowest entities on the most-wanted list were only worth a few billion.

It might have been some small number of trillions in total, but definitely not quadrillions.

Ok better to just call it .quadrillions then as we will never know for sure, could have been 10tn or 999 tn. Anyway trillions or quadrillions of player ISK has just been deleted.

This from a company whose directors want to be trusted to manage NFT’s, blockchains and digital investments, YEAK OK! Please don’t delete my NFT or cyrpto coin when it becomes financially disadvantageous to you or a slight financial burden.

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they never promised.

Really :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t trust them with fake money, much less real money.

Well they prove daily they can’t be trusted with for funsies space money on a daily basis, turning what could have been a competitive MMO space sandbox into an instanced corrupt ■■■■ tip.

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Playerbase: Whines about inflation.

Also playerbase: whines about ISK being deleted.

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It was my ISK, there was a reason I placed several billions on others freighter alt operations.

This game becomes more of a joke day by day, truly.

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Was. And then you placed a bounty.



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