Refund Player Bounties Please with interest for the downtime

CCP previously disabled player bounties,

It was stated they would not be issuing refunds as this was only a temporary measure to last one month.

It has been 9 months & thus not temporary, time for refunds + 9 months interest.


no refund.


As long as the game doesn’t shut down, its still temporary. Even if its disabled for 10 years, so long as its activated on the 11th year it was all temporary. There is no time limit on the word.


Why did you believe them?


Can you say sheep?




Huh… apparently not.

IN OTHER NEWS: Why would anything be refunded anyway? The isk is gone regardless. I mean, I put bounties on folk just to be notified when they die, which was dead handy sometimes, but its not like I miss the isk.


That’s a good idea. I haven’t experienced the Bounty System. I hope they put it back in, I like the idea of having a bounty on my head, the higher the better.

I loved having WANTED below my character pic in big red letter


Why not simply refund the bounty amount to the person on whom the bounty was placed on? :smirk:


Because this was designed as another isk sink.

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Why should they refund people the money? They’re just going to waste it, as evident by the fact that they wasted money on a broken bounty system. I say they give the bounties to the people that have them placed on their head. They’ll use it to generate emergent game play opportunities for themselves and others. :stuck_out_tongue:
No P2W


hmm remembers my 13 bill bounty… yep i think thats a great idea


I’ve used the bounty system succesfuly, encouraging one rival to leave Eve, after I bountied all his freighter pilots in high sec.

The refund should be provided on the simple fact CCP said they would and the only reason they did not was because it was only temporary.

Now that it has been here for 9 months, time for refunds.

You are using scamming someone into leaving the game as a reason why CCP should do something in your favour?

Are you actually being serious or just havin a laff

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How is putting a bounty on someone scamming?

freighters didnt get ganked for their bounty lol, they got ganked due to their cargo or on a slow night due to them jumping in to system but never for a bounty.

By the person above telling the victim it actually means something to people who clearly dont know that it doesnt?

If their story is true, they are saying they chased paying customers out of the game by falsely claiming that a bounty on their character would make their freighters more likely to be attacked, which is completely not true.

Theyd be attacked for being freighters, regardless of bounty.

A scam is lying to someone in order to get some tangible thing (money, property…) but Shea just used a lie to make someone believe something that wasn’t true. There’s a difference.


There’s plenty of examples of scams that don’t involve tangible things

Like Isk, or denying someone (ccp) something (a sub)

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As much as people complained about the old bounty system, it was better than no bounty system.