Still awaiting bounty activation or refund

CCP you “temporarily” disabled the bounty system, just reminding you to activate it again or you know repay all the bounties as this measure is seemingly no longer temporary, temporary being the reason you suggested not providing immediate refunds.


Yah, the bounty system was fun.

It’s weird that CCP won’t tell us whether this is still “temporary”.


The bounty system was definitely fun. It wasn’t super functional as a bounty system, but I can’t see any rationale for removing it unless to replace it with a better system.

I always appreciated it as a sort of leaderboard system for antagonistic playstyles, if nothing else. I do feel a little ripped off that my characters’ bounties were removed without any compensation.

Weird. As I recall, everyone thought it was the stupidest thing in the game. At least until it was gone.

Then they suddenly decided it was the best mechanic ever and the forum melted from their righteous fury.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t say it failed to work. You got 20% of the target’s ship value - not bad!

There is already a dev blog thread on the killrights. Please direct your posts there.

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