What happened to player bounties?

They just disappeared?

you should know, you commented in the devblog that they were removing them…

They said it was only going to be a couple weeks - but its been months?

guess they needed more analysis

I guess? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

Is there something in this game that works as intended besides the Ganking mechanism ? :smile:

What bounties? :joy:

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Lol, you know if CCP says “temporary” say mean actually permanent and just want to avoid further discussion at this point, and until there is severe pressure like with blackout they will never revert.


CCP: "The bounty system has the potential to become an effective way to encourage actual player vs player combat, give PvE players some agency in confronting attackers, and lead to a healthier combat ecosystem. Accordingly we have removed it from the game, to be replaced eventually by NPCs. Oh, and because ‘Chaos’.

You’re welcome."

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I think that they wouldn’t put them back in as long as they don’t know how to improve them.

They’ve had a great, plausible reason to remove them …
… and most people are definitely not going to miss them.

Might as well keep them out until they know how to make them better.

Also: Welcome back, Aiko!

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Bounties don’t need improvement. They were fine.

mine was practically perfect in every way :frowning:

its only the folk that had none that cheer the bounty removal.

I liked them. They were great for suicide gankers …
… and really mostly only suicide gankers, I guess …
… but the implementation was lacking.

I have a tiny bit of faith that they will re-release them in some improved manner.

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They were too easy to get rid of. (and I mean that they were too easy to lose… people just weren’t applying big enough bounties to survive the inevitable payouts)

That’s just nonsense.

They were too easy to get rid of? What does that even mean? The payout was like 20% of the ship value. If you kill a 10 million isk ship, you get 2 million isk. If the ship is worth 100 million, you get 20 million isk. What’s wrong with that?

It was a great system, and a great motivator to shoot people with bounties.

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Admit it, you just want to flex with your high bounty and the wanted sign in your profile :wink:

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I’m glad you understood what I was getting at. :slight_smile:

I want miners to know that they can put a bounty on their rivals, and that I will come shoot their rival because the bounty will pay for my Catalyst.

The bounty system was working as intended.

There’s a limit to how much bounties pay out, because if…

insurance payout + value of dropped modules (if any) + bounty payout

are worth more than

ship’s cost of minerals + value of destroyed modules (if any)

…then the system becomes exploitable for profit.

This has the effect of keeping maximum bounty payouts fairly low. They could, in theory, adjust bounty payouts for criminal targets, because the insurance payout is eliminated (40% of platinum level), but this would only amount to a few extra tens of thousands for a destroyer, and a few million for a BC. You can’t increase bounty payouts without also increasing the amount that the bounty subject loses, which means there’s no easy solution here.

I was happy with the payout as it was. It was fine. No need to change.