Can we have a revamped bounty system CCP?

just as the title says, it literally serves no purpose besides which of the top popular people get to be in the top 10 of bounties. I was thinking of maybe integrating the kill right system into the bounty system and make bounties a per kill basis (for both PvE and PVP)

  • the kill right system would be revamped to bounties being that if a person has neg sec status or someone puts an available public bounty on a person that anyone can activate.
    it makes no sense for me to pay someone else for wanting to kill a person, it should be the other way around.

  • as for the per kill bounty, I mean for each NPC kill, you gain 30-50% of the bounty of whatever rat you kill. and for PvP the 30% of the of the % of damage dealt is how much bounty is accrued to you. (or 20% - 30% of the hull entirely(base est. market price))

as for the amount we would get paid upon actually killing the wanted person, possibly a percentage of the full damage done to the hull or have a a “total bounty” and then show the “obtainable” bounty for killing them based on if someone made it public or they have negative standings, went suspect, or etc. the amount would depend on the different actions the pilot has done to warrant them being attacked.

  • only the person who activated the bounty can fight the person, similar to duels. if the attacker is assisted then the bounty is split evenly among whoever helped. Corp, Alliance, or fleet members cannot activate bounties on each other, to prevent abusing the system and they wont be paid anything. the bounty would stay as is.

  • to “cash in” all the bounties acquired you would have to go to a customs/concord agent and get paid through them both in certain locations hi-sec and sparingly in null or alternatively you wont get paid the bounties until next DT. or the simplest option go to a station with a bounty tab and turn in to which ever station you may choose.

obviously its not possible to stop a neutral alt from claiming the bounty over and over but to stop that from being a 5 step process, any given bounty will have a cool down period so you cant spam this or abuse it in any immediate way. just to clarify a cool down per person as you claim more and more bounties through pvp or activating them.


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The bounty system can never work.

If it somehow, through whatever means, makes the target suspect or in any other way a valid target then it will be abused and gamed.

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they should remove bounty system - it never works and was the tool of abuse.
but you know i have a idea - you should place price on someone head but pay to sleepers or other deadly npc with no loot or price. This person should be attacked by this npc more and more as bounty of thair head is rising and of course npc gats paid what they doing from that price.
It that way it is perfect tool for ravange and isk sink and you cant abuse this.


im fairly positive it can work appropriately. but it would take an entire rework for that to happen.

Someone put’s bounty on me? I will call budy, alt, you name it just to claim it for him or for me.

Bounty on players will never work in EVE. You seams to be in EVE for not long enough to experience how players abuses bounty system when it actually “worked”.

Your system certainly can’t work. Killrights for ISK are the worst possible thing EVE needs.

It works perfectly well.

Put bounty on person.

Receive notification of destruction.

Send helpful/hurtful EvEmail.

Jobs a good un

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No. It doesnt fit into chaos theory of a known corp ceo, it neither helps getting rid of new players joining eve.

Quite complaining. Bounty is a useless feature, it doesn’t need a payout as EVE is just a Call of Duty with space fiction submarines. Just add bounty and see how high you can go by adding isk to a player, like a payout for lottery but no one receives the prize. You end up with people looking like WANTED: “Whatever amount” DEAD OR ALIVE from the wild west.

tl;dr - its a shooter, just kill or be killed. You don’t need a reward, just face the consequences of failing and losing.

Its an rpg with pvp/pve elements.

Killboards disregard your statement with the attitude “mine is bigger than yours” otherwise it wouldn’t need to be recorded at all and its about as RPG as a LARP at a rock concert.

PVE elements are a joke if level 4 payouts are nerfed into oblivion with crap loot to just make the bare essesstials to PVP without being bothered (some people are not social and don’t want interruptions until they want to PVP, yet another PVP wants to pick on weak as hell targets? Irony vs Pot vs Kettle = Potato or To-mato) when

  • highsec is just like RL civilization, but anyone can point a gun and kill you. CODE. locks and kills with no consequences, yet 99.9% of most humans won’t kill another person in a real situation (poor comparison I know but this is about the “safety of highsec” which doesn’t exist…just less chance of being shot, which is like real life)

  • lowsec is dangerous enough to not warrant useful missions except in the millita, another guy just wants a conjugal visit with you and doesn’t care about his sec status if they are “PIE-RATE” lol LARPs. Click and shoot, where is the RP again ?

  • null is those like those horror movies where the bad guy thinks the ultimate predator is a human but hunts the weakest players until the good guy shows up. Now that the bad guy starts complaining because its too hard to kill someone who is good as them, they have to ask CCP Game Warden if they can remove the orange hunting vests so they don’t stand out aka The Black Out. LOL at the “Big Bad” PVPers complaining, maybe they should of stayed in lowsec in the gang fights and leave the blobs to the big boys.

If its just a shooter, how are there “bad guys” and “good guys” for that analogy to work?

Or are you claiming you arent putting spin on your example?

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Compare your answer to my post.

Wgich part didnt you understand

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Hello Elena.

I will keep it simple

Backround lore of EVE sucks, not much room for “role playe”

Most People just chill and blow â– â– â– â–  up, not much room for people pretending to be pirates or mercenary or what ever.

EVE is risk vs reward, but the risk is greater than the reward to attempt it except for the self achievement of accomplishing. PVE pays the bills to PVP, PVP players pick on the PVE players…PVE ships are handicaped and I am not saying its right or wrong; it just sucks being the pray for piss rewards in highsec and hitting DSCAN every 10 seconds in null in a crap ship in null.

The RPG/PVP/PVE is a poor answer, its just pure competition in the end and killboard stats are considered the premium reward by most.

As for the bounty complaint, I will stop derailing. Stop whining, you don’t need a reward as even base loot will be higher and you got that killmail showing you destroyed them.

Can you quote where i do whine. You type endless text for nothing.

Eve is rpg with pvp/pve elements. This is what i posted, every5hing else you type is irrelevant or fall in this category.

The bounty system has never worked and never will. It’s a “cool idea” but CCP needs to stop trying to shoehorn stuff into EVE.

The “wanted” stamp is cool to have, so allow players to put the stamp over their portrait when the set their pose. And possibly other cool stamps as well.

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Could you make it work by tying the bounty payout to the assets destroyed?

i.e. A wanted character has a bounty of 1 trillion ISK.

  • Boards a corvette, has friend shoot him. Payout: 0 ISK. Bounty remaining: 1 trillion ISK.
  • Boards a kestrel, has friend shoot him. Payout: 50% of Kestrel’s mineral value. Bounty remaining: 1 trillion ISK.
  • Boards a titan, has friend shoot him. Payout: 50% of titan’s mineral value. Bounty remaining: 995 billion ISK.


Also remove ship insurance system.

That’s exactly how it works now.

Honestly, it’s fine. Because we are immortal and losses can’t really be permanent, it sort of lacks teeth in most situations, but it does basically work.

I am all for new “hit” contracts players can put out on others, maybe optionally linked to kill rights, to encourage players to get revenge for another. But already the system works to pay people to kill someone else, or even another corp, so I think it is good as it can be when death has such limited impact.

Exactly and if ccp wanted to makw it work bounty should be not (only) on pilot but (also) on the ship and its fittings . Furthermore if ccp wants to burn isk than bounty should be also be placed equivalent to the reason of bounty