Idea to bring back bounties in a meaningful way

I was away for a about a year as my computer bit the dust and since returning i see a lot has changed including the removal of bounties. i realize players will and have abused any system they can but i believe that if done correct the bounty system could be not a quick scheme for people running alts to rake in isk but instead a well played incentive for pvp to be a isk making practice simply put if the pay out(between all members) from bounty is caped at a %of. Average cost of ship(+ moduls) destroyed with no payout for corvetts and bellow. Well it may not result in as nice a payout for people who get the kill as prior bounty system it will prevent people from using their alts to kill off their bounty for their own gain.

I really wish there was a reliable way to make a bounty system that wasn’t easily abused.

I think BHing as a profession would be neat and could have its own LP rewards and such.

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That was more or less what we had before the removal of bounties and the “fix” to the previously use version that everyone exploited. The “it may not result in a nice payout for people who get the kill” was exactly the downside that this new system introduced and thus killed bounties even more than the exploitation before.

Any bounty system that allows people to kill other players who have not done anything wrong to deserve being killed just like that is only going to be abused.
Likewise, bounties for people who cannot be legally engaged without making it possible to kill them without ganking is also pointless because ganking potentially requires more ISK than people have bounties.
Limiting bounties only to players who have done something game-mechanically-wise that deserves their death is pointless because you can already engage them freely and they don’t need another flag to achieve that.

Unless you want a pointless system or an unreasonable free-for-all that kills other professions in the process, there is no solution to bounty hunting in a formal, game-mechanics way. The best thing you can do is issue bounties in this way: ★ ☠️ Headhunters' public killright office ☠️

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Just a reminder CCP have still not reimbursed the bounties, their only excuse for not immediately doing so was that bounty deactivation was temporary. Either refund the ISK or bring back the functional bounty system.

I regularly used bounties & had zero issue with the system. It’s not a normal IQ players fault if idiots did not figure out how bounties worked or to learn their place in Eve and stfu once in a while prior to getting their haulers and high sec indy corps bountied to hell and back.