★ ☠️ Headhunters' public killright office ☠️

:skull_and_crossbones: Headhunters :skull_and_crossbones:

Hunters rejoice as in this fine place you might occasionally find targets to locate and hunt in hi-sec space.


Though beware that any killright not posted by me I can not confirm the validity of thus take at your own risk and exercise reasonable judgement whether you put in the time, effort and ISK to seek out.

However any killright posted by me I can guarantee to be valid as I acquired them with my own characters (main or alts) thus have full oversight and control over. I will try to keep my own postings as up to date as possible to ensure once the killrights are used nobody wastes time trying to hunt them.

:skull_and_crossbones: Killright holders :skull_and_crossbones:

Victims of unlawful aggression here you can post your public killrights so hunters are aware of them thus improve the chance of the killrights being sold successfully.


Make sure you set your killrights public AND also set the proper price for them that you want to receive in exchange for someone activating them.

While this thread is primarily for selling public killrights, if you want to sell privately or want to hire mercs for a hit job who would use your killright you might still post here to see if someone would take the job, though even in such case it is best to seek hunters through other channels (elsewhere in the forums, in-game chat, r/Eve and so on) to maximize your chance of finding the people you are looking for.

:skull_and_crossbones: Non-career ganker killrights :skull_and_crossbones:

Killrights belonging to capsuleers who actively play in hi-sec at least partly, especially if flying well priced or even expensive ships, are best suited for selling as hunting these targets could turn a profit due to the loot drop but at the least will be a decent enough killmail for the hunters to acquire.

Such killmails though could result from ganks are not the usual career gankers and instead are either taking an opportunity for profit or just for the fun of it, make a mistake (like forgetting their safety setting when entering hisec from low, null or wh space), are getting baited, act on impulse or perform a criminal act as a result of some similar occasion.

As they are not career gankers they usually continue their lives the same or maybe somewhat more carful afterwards and as such can be hunted down and killed using the KR and usually are worth the effort to do so either for profit or just for the sake of it… afterall being a hunter is a lifestyle not just a profession.

:skull_and_crossbones: Career ganker killrights :skull_and_crossbones:

Killrights belonging to outlaws (permanent criminals with -5.0 or lower sec status) are not suited for sale nor submitting to anti-gankers (AG) as such capsuleers can be angaged anytime anyway.

Killrights belonging to high security status gankers (who constantly repair their sec status) such as hi-sec gate campers usually found at or en route to trade hubs or similar mission runner gankers and such, could fly worthwhile ships to destroy if the killright is priced properly, thus such are suitable for selling.

However if your goal is only revenge then the best option is to assign these killrights to the anti-gankers for free so they can best utilize this opportunity to interfere with or outright prevent ganks from happening.


Note that anti-gankers do not buy killrights and if you make these killrights free AND public the gankers simply can activate them themselves through an alt or fellow ganker to get rid of them, thus make sure you assign free killrights to anti-gankers properly instead of making them public.

If you decide to submit your killright to anti-gankers (AG) you can do so by contacting @Githany_Red in-game while a related forum thread is also available linked below for additional details about the subject.

:skull_and_crossbones: About killrights :skull_and_crossbones:


:boom: This target was killed using this killright thus the KR is no longer available.

:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/94579519
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 8 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK
:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2112486638
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 24 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 500 mil ISK
:star: Special Tends to fly and lose blinged ships (even in Jita) that usually drop juicy loot.
:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2116781586
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 18 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK
:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2117964581
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 25 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK

:boom: This target was killed using this killright thus the KR is no longer available.

:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2118782730
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 18 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK
:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2118964789
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 12 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK
:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/2118989007
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 18 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK

Took a hot minute but we got the first guy


Nice idea and I support anything like this but we do not buy kill rights , I think the whole thing is the wrong way around , if you lose a ship you should pay someone to kill them for you , the gankers or criminals know or suspect that we might have free kr on them , on in jita often fly’s empty ships to bait us , one drops down from tornadoes to ruptures if they suspect we have or on them.

Kill rights on -0.5 and under are no value to anyone as they can be engaged any time.

We do have a bounty board to help hunt criminals which is going well and now we are finishing our week in faction warfare we will be back on this.

Sounds reasonable I was just writing that part of the post based on what I’ve gathered about the subject. Drop me an EVEmail how I should rewrite that part to be accurate according to the AG standards and I update it accordingly later on.

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:dart: Target https://evewho.com/character/96378447
:spiral_calendar: Deadline 29 days left (from post date)
:credit_card: KR price 50 mil ISK

:skull_and_crossbones: Killrights still available. :skull_and_crossbones: