Kill rights and criminal hunting

Hello fellow Pod Pilots! I am Riskofshock, I am an Eve streamer that hunts kill rights and criminals. You can see me often messing with CODE. and Goons as well as tornado gankers in all trade hubs. Im looking for your killrights on all targets that have done you wrong in the Eve universe. If you feel like you’ve been wronged and have a killright please evemail me in game tell me the pilots name and I will stream your justice for all to see!

Fly safe,


Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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How does this really work?

In before all the gankers and .COD smack talk OP…for doing exactly what they suggest we should all do…fight back…take a stand…get organized…


Solstice Projekt is the scanner and warpin for Code in the hek system

Check recent killboards and you will see that Totruga Reborn is a known miner-ganker and has griefed Solstice Projekt in the past.

Good luck bringing justice to the belts of nigh-sec. Someone needs to do something about these environmental terrorists.


Solstice Project is code, show me another miner gank if i am a ‘known’ espically given that i havent played for 2 years partially for the reasons above.

YES! this is really what i do, you can check me out on twitch here,
CODE. smartbomb fun,
Im working on posting more videos.


Be sure to visit Jita every now and then if you don’t already do that. You can often find people (gankers and others) with available killrights there. :wink:

But can you hunt them under a wardec… oh wait. You are one of those.


Interesting, I didn’t think about it but it could work, now in regard to code they are -10 so doesnt matter SOS, but using alphas to generate kill rights, could work out, ive definitely seen people trying to bait me, but if you are going after code that’s a full time station camping job, well good luck in your endeavors and will wait to see if this produces any real fruit sounds good on paper.

As a former trade hub ganker, let me thank you for your excellent service you provide in removing our kill rights, so we can undock in an expensive ship (bought from loots we get, ofc).

EDIT: Let me ask you one thing. If I teach you how to gank extremely profitable ISK wise, will you do it? With an unknown alt ofc.

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I feel salt from all those gankers corroding their capsules.

Ty for the corpse and kms :joy:

He does what 99% of the other antigankers do, they just tag kills that are going to die to concord in a few seconds anyways. I wouldn’t really call that fighting back so much as padding their killboards

Fixed for accuracy.

My hauler alt has fallen in love with kill rights. He flies cheap T1 industrials, and when empty or nearly so will sometimes cut through low-sec if it saves significant time. 90% of the time, it works. The other 10%, he gets blown up by gate campers.

The most recent incident: he lost an empty 10 million ISK freighter in lo-sec to three campers, and got podded. Immediately set the kill rights on all three to free and available to all.

Within days, two of those kill rights were used. One camper lost a 200 million ISK pod; the other lost an 86 million ISK ship, both in high-sec.

So by my way of thinking, blowing me up has cost the campers 270 million ISK so far. I’m good with that.


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