Kill rights: UI improvement + Manhunt Office

I like the kill rights system, but I would like to see a bit of improvement on how the kill rights are visualized:
-we should be able to see the kill rights avaiable for the corp and for the alliance
-when my corp/alliance gets a new available kill right I wish to see a notification if I am online
-making just a little more explicit for new players that they can sell the kill rights to others
-bonus: just like the old bounties office in the menu, we could have a manhunt office showing the top killers by number of kills and destroyed ISK This rank could have the list of players, or corporations or alliances who ran this service.

So, this will allows us to use the locator agents in a delicious way, if i can see who I am hunting for the others then I have better content while using the locator agents and we can run small pvp gangs and perpetuate even more content.

I had to teach a few people how to see the available kill rights they had and how to make them available and then I had no visibility if they did it correctly. It is good if the newbros know about the system and how to use it without having to google about it, because the kill rights are little hidden from them at the momment. It is an amazing system, this system just need a little revamp on the interface level and not in it’s inner workings.

I never asked any development to CCP, but I am soliciting this: simply being able to see which kill rights are available to the corp/alliance and receiving a notification if we are online, just that would be really helpful. A manhunt office in the menu (as we had a bounty office in the past) would be secondary, but useful for seeing if it’s worth handling a kill right to a certain alliance or corporation or individual.

My dream is running a vendetta group and running kill rights as a service in EVE, but I need you guys to do so.

From the dictionary:

-a blood feud in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer’s family.
-a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.


That UI improvent would be in the Interactions > Kill rights tab, because nowadays we can only see our kill rights and we can’t see the ones available for the cop/alliance. So that tab could use an overhaul, the system itself is fine.

They’d have to reinstate it first and it looks like it may not be reinstated

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I don’t know the technical part behind EVE, but tell me if you like the concept, please? :slight_smile:

Part of the current experience is that CCP has suspended kill right notifications to reduce processing load on the client; this goes along with suppressing player bounty calls on ship death. It’s part of an effort to improve client performance in highly populated space, including Jita, and during sizable PvP encounters.

If CCP turns the KR notifications back on, it will go a long way toward improving that new player experience with KRs - but unless and until they do, we aren’t going to see any new development around this feature simply because they can’t improve it while it is turned off.

As a group of concepts these ideas seem reasonable improvements to the feature set. Just don’t get your hopes up that they will go anywhere any time soon since parts of the KR system are already offline due to ongoing performance issues.

I cannot believe I am the first to like the OP.

Man you guys are stingy AF.

I am very new to the KR gameplay. And the reason for that is its just as the OP says…its not accessible enough.

Killright notifications won’t come back. So any UI improvement discussions are pointless.

Kill rights notifications are on and I am using them.

What I desire is being able to see it on corporate and alliance level in a kill rights tab, won’t mind getting the right notifications about the corp/alliance… but if decreases that much of perfomance then maybe shouldn’t be done.

But being able to see the list having kill rights for the corp and alliance is necessary, at least that.

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Sure you see the killrights, but you cannot activate them, or should not be able to.

They’ve never given any notion that they’ve been re-enabled, so you should not be able to activate them

I haven’t see any KR since the patch … however someone said, if you select a char on grid, the KR is displayed if one exists and usable. Didn’t try since I’m not in highsec often these times.

But clicking on each char in overview is not something for human players …

In local you can see everybody who has an activalable kill right. Recently I have avenged someone from null sec, he was most pleased.

Kill rights are working and they are nice because you can shoot people without being concorded, it’s the bounty on players that is off.

Then it looks like it was reactivated.

Kill rights are back, I used them 2days ago.
Very nice thing.

I would be happy with decent Bounties system, but for now KR is fine for me.

You must understand that most important informations on Earth are unwritten.

To clarify: kill rights weren’t ever actually turned off; what was turned off are some of the preemptive notifications about killrights being available for pilots in local. Players have to actually view a player info screen to see that KRs are available to be purchased now. Kill rights are still granted consistently to the victims of qualifying kills, and can still be offered for sale - they are simply not as visible due to suppression of the local call that fetches KR data for universal display (part of an effort to improve high-occupancy space latency, especially as related to combat in busy space).

When you make a game, with large part being data base with loads of data, and you see that in some point it gets slow, you dont shrink the data or cut some columns - you optimize code or upgrade hardware.

But both cost RL $$$

Troubleshooting which code is going to be most worth optimizing involves turning things off to monitor performance when the code is not being triggered. If no significant improvements are seen with the code off, optimizing it won’t give any benefits either. If there are improvements, leaving it off while optimizing it is a middle ground to improve performance until the code can be fixed to not cause issues.

Sometimes creating staging data areas for readily available data is better than making any big changes, also provides better performance and less development is required.

The idea of having visual info about the killrights that are available for corp and alliance, could use that instead of digging into a big pool of data. Having many tiny tables containing just the info about your corp and alliance is better than digging into a large table where all kill rights are.

I dont have access to EVE’s project to start making assertions about it.

Wise developer NEVER does anything on LIVE production.
Wise developer never says ‘‘lets turn this off to see what will happen’’

Its a thousands of star systems game and you want 20K on 20K in just one system to see ‘‘performance’’?

There are 4 empires and countless factions and still you have just one working market at Jita?

Well, since CCP cannot stress-test 6k simultaneously combatants on Sisi (because CCP cannot create 6k combatants themselves) they really can’t accurately measure how the behavior changes are going to effect congested systems outside of production.

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Yes, it’s dying.