Ganking shouldn't be nerfed continously, introduce some UI changes to support counter play

I mostly do event/pve guides with some big projects now and then in eve. I tried my hand at anti gank and the systems needs FIX THE STUPID work, so I quit eve and played something else for nearly a year.

I’m back, nothing has changed but with public zkillboard and esi mails I can collect more kill rights that I can hunt on my own but the games system is so broken there is no way to share these and make the activity generally fun for groups. So here are some suggestions for getting the kill right/crime watch system up to snuff.

Suggestion: Make kill right status real time.
Keywords: UI
Notes: Kill right info in overview can be hours out of date and fails to activate. This mostly means the target docks up or gets warning to dock up as u activate the next kill right. This is as bad as “weapons not working” bug and should be a priority to fix.

Suggestion: Make Kill Rights Visible.
Keywords: UI
Note: Show a list of kill rights in sale to you, corp or alliance. Thats right,
kill rights people assign to you, corp or alliance are invisible in game. Every corp needs a Arya Stark’s Hit list!

Suggestion: Complete integration of Crimewatch into overview.
Keywords: Incomplete, UI
Notes: Crimewatch flags are not automatically filtered into the overview your need force refresh by switching tabs, drone flags completely ignore Crimewatch. Basically the overview isnt well integrated for highsec, and half the players are highseccers.

Hopefully these changes will help give people agency over retribution
when it comes to ganking.


Killrights were officially disabled by CCP long time ago. There current state is just an echo.

I think you are confusing killrights and bounties?

Killrights are working currently

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No, see here Player Bounties & Killrights temporarily disabled

Killrights still work to some extend though, but were not re-enabled officially AFAIK.

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Thanks for the heads up Tipa. I won’t keep my hopes up.

Or what about the UI would show killrights against me? On some characters whenever I open it, it is empty :smiley: .

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