Crimewatch/Killrights in Insurgency high sec systems

There is an abuse/exploit of the crimewatch/kill right system. And also a few things i belive needs adapting/changes.

a high sec system that reach corruption level 5 remove the CONCORD response to certain pvp activities and instead assign suspect status to those that would normally gain criminal status.
Like shooting a neutral ship.

Shooting a neutral still gives a Kill right to the pilot thats getting attacked.
It dosnt matter if you kill him or not.

Kill rights are normally only gained on criminal timers which is gained by killing pods (in high and low sec) or ganking someone (in high sec) which isnt corruption 5.

One cannot argue and claim “corruption 5 only prevents concord interfering”
If that was true we would still do a criminal act, and we would gain the “criminal timer” and not the suspect.

Because if we did get the criminal timer, we would still be concorded in other high sec systems for the duration of the timer. But we dont.
However we still get a criminal timer and concorded if you pod a neutral in a insurgency system with corruption 5 and would not be able to leave that system in a ship for the duration

In a insurgency high sec systems with corruption 5, gate guns and station guns dont act like its low sec counterparts. They will still re-agress you even if you warp to a perch and back to the fight

in low sec if you shoot a neutral on a gate, you get a suspect timer and gate guns will aid the neutral pilot. If the agressor warps off to a perch and back down to the gate, the gate guns wont re-engage the attacker. even if the neutral havent tried to defend himself.

What i would like to see is

  1. Removing killrights gained from suspect timers in insurgency high sec systems with corruption 5

  2. Killing pods in high sec in insurgency high sec systems with corruption 5 shouldnt get you concorded but still grant you a criminal timer for the duration.

  3. Gate guns in insurgency high sec systems with corruption 5, should act and behave like its low sec counterparts.

I reported this to CCP when the insurgencies where introduced, but they seem fine with it, hence no exploit, but working as designed.

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