So there were changes to kill rights?

Either I forgot these mechanics or they changed from the time I was last actively playing.

I noticed killrights behave differently now.

  1. when a killright is activated, next time you lose ship, it doesn’t matter if you are suspect or not the killright is tied with the killmail and disappears.

I don’t know whether the killright is actually available or not if you don’t get killed after activating and wait the suspect timer out. I don’t know if there is any time limit but I bet DT will reset this.

In any case I remember I was able to get money for my kill rights multiple times. With this change this will probably no longer happen.

  1. If you get killed by NPCs the killright that was previously used on you is linked to that kill and disappears.

This is the same thing as #1 actually just used in different way. I don’t recall you could do this and avoid “granting” killright to other player. It must have been player who finished the last blow to get the killright off you.

  1. And this is really weird, when you (suicide) gank someone with killright on him, that killright is tied with that kill despite you haven’t paid for it or activated it.

I don’t know if the killright is actually gone though but I am going to test this as this is super easy way how to get rid of killrights against you. You just need one alt in venture-gank fit atron (400k cost) and kill yourself in shuttle.

Again I don’t remember this worked this way. Was this changed?

Tl’dr killrights are even bigger joke than ever before.

That would be a joke. Everything in this post would be a joke if it were the case.

There you are.

You could even try if a self distruct is enough

It is not, which is something that I also don’t remember, I thought selfdestruct wil bring me killmail if npc or player shot me in last 15 minutes, but it doesn’t happen. At least with NPC, I will still test selg destruct after player shoots me just in case.

I can assure you that #1 and #2 works. I was at first shooting myself with an alt but then I had another alt logged in so I was testing stuff and got rid of the killright after I died to npc (and to bu real pest I always waited out the limited engagement timer so it doesn’t appear to the player who activated ir and shot me initially.

I did not verified #3 from the victim side but both victim and ganker gets the “provided by played X” in the respective killmail as if the killright was activated. But not 100% sure the killright is really gone, still need to test.

Seriously though, killrights were always joke. 99% gankers are ganking with dedicated alt or are dedicated to ganking and will only gank. So they never fly anything more expensive than gank tornado and they almost always stay close to gate or station so if you don’t caught them afk or oneshot them they dock and undock in rookie ship/shuttle. And if you don’t kill them they kill themselves with other gank players in fleet or their alt. Or they fly somewhere where there is high chance that someone kills them if you don’t do it. So despite it changed or not, being able to get rid of killright by granting the kill to npcs is not so big deal.

Also if the killright is too cheap, gankers will activate it themselves and get rid of it. If it is too expensive the chance someone activates is low and therefore you can stay on the grid without problems And if some idiot buys 50mil to kill a thrasher… I call it a win :smiley: it really doesn’t bother me at all, if I am able to dock up without losing ship, it is double win haha.

Killrights basically punish only too greedy (newbie) gankers who wants to do their main to do something else in highsec which requires very expensive ships (and it is really hard and labour intensive to catch such guy so almost nobody does it) or non gankers who in some way shoot illegally (smartboms in mission, shooting the guy who just ganked you without knowing what killright is, shooting undocked suspect who stops being suspect in last second or idk). They have no effect on dedicated gankers or those living in low/null.

also you could not have two KR on someone, which means that they were useless anyhow.

It can’t be. I guess I used to shoot myself because it was faster so maybe I just forgot getting killed by npc will get you rid of the killright but I am pretty sure I used to be able to cash my bait killright (yeah I do this too) several times in a row. Dying to anyone anywhere after the suspect timer ran out did not get rid of the last activated killright.

Also, I am sure that you didn’t lost the killright and it didn’t appear in killmail when you got suicide ganked. (The last time I played was about 15 months ago) I used to bait killrights with transport ship in highsec and sometimes CODE. or even nado ganker killed my bait alt despite having no cargo and I it wasn’t there and I didn’t lose the killright.

There must have been some change in this mechanic.

Some of my alts have 35m isk kill rights yet when you look at the cost in space it reads 5m isk.

That is classic bug that is there as far as I remember, and this one is player specific, different players can see different value.

It is usually the previous killright that was already cleared, some player will still see original value some won’t.

When you try to activate it will message you that it is no longer available and the next available killright value wil appear for you.

Knowing CCP I never wasted time reporting it. I made that mistake from start, now I know better. Just ignore it.

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Dude I was perusing the forums last night and like every damn thread in C&P had your face as the last comment.

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It’s just kinda inconvenient to have to skip over so much drivel so regularly.

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You kinda shoot yourself in the foot, as you post so much that it trains the reader to ignore your posts entirely. They think “This is just another one of those dudes who is ALWAYS here posting about nothing in particular.” disregard.

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You’re right.
I’ve noticed that too.

It always starts increasing once I start posting again. I’ve tried keeping it down, but it just naturally increases over time with every single reply I’m writing. Worse when I start making threads.

I’ve also tried postponing replies to later days, but that doesn’t really work either.

From my perspective, the only winning move is not to post.
It’s really hard finding people around here who are actually worth talking to.

Yet, here I still am … and I’m actually quite sick of it again.

I can’t say I read all of it, since I don’t read the forums religiously, and I can’t say I agree with everything you have to say, either.

I do read a lot of it, though, and I think about it. I have a certain, more carebear like, perspective on the game, but I like to keep up with how other people with other play styles feel or what they think. Sometimes I learn something or end up modifying my outlook, neither of which would happen if people didn’t express themselves. A balanced point of view requires a lot of listening.

If the forums make you unhappy, then by all means take a step or two away from them, but I thought I should at least say that I don’t think of you as someone who’s always posting about nothing in particular. We don’t see eye to eye, but we do both seem to have in common that we want people to interact and be able to make a difference in the Eve universe. That’s worth listening to, I think.


Could have been fixed by now but I did notice a couple weeks ago that kill rights available on players no longer displayed the cost of the kill right to other players.

I’m sure that would get fixed because who the hell is going to pay an unknown amount of ISK to use a kill right? Could easily be exploited to scam people with enough isk in their wallets…as opposed to the old way where you try to type in an amount and hope they don’t count the digits in the cost…

Either way, am also somewhat certain that you can have multiple kill rights on you by different players and only the cheapest costing one is displayed and that is the one that gets used first.

Thank you for your post. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried using the ignore feature? I’ve only got two on ignore but it’s done wonders for reading and posting. I think you can probably figure out who one of the ignored is.

This isn’t actually about people who I don’t want to reply to. In that post I’m solely talking about those who write actual responses worth replying to. In regards to the cancer around here, I’ve started just skipping their posts in 99% of all cases. I refuse to block people unless they’re really into attention whoring.

I’m gonna post here again.

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